Monday 20 May 2013 – Fast Day 1

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight loss this week:  –
  • Weight loss total:  –


Breakfast – 7am – Porridge – Total 164c

  • 20g oat bran = 74c
  • 200ml skim milk = 70c
  • 15g Weightwatchers Strawberry Spread= 20c


Snack – 11am – Total 17c

  • 112g cucumber = 17c


Lunch – 2.30pm – Rice Paper Rolls with chilli/soy dip – Total 161c

  • 100g bean sprouts = 20c
  • 70g red pepper = 21c
  • 85g carrot (was 1 carrot) = 27c
  • 60g cucumber = 7c
  • 50g lettuce = 5c
  • 3 large rice paper wraps = 27c
  • 5ml teaspoon chilli oil = 40c
  • 15ml tablespoon reduced salt soy sauce = 14c


Dinner – 7.30pm – Veg & chicken Asian Noodle Soup – Total 143c

  • 100g Shirataki noodles from the Asian supermarket = 6c
  • 20g Amoy Sichuan Sauce for noodles = 54c
  • ½ teaS chicken stock powder = 3c
  • 50g chicken breast = 55c
  • 7g coriander = 2c
  • 31g broccoli = 11c
  • 42g mushroom = 12c

Fast Day 1 Total Calories Eaten = 485c


When you look at the measurements – 60g cucumber, 50g lettuce, it doesn’t sound like very much food at all, but will you believe that I couldn’t even finish all my lunch!?  I had planned and counted for 4 ricepaper rolls, but with all the veg they were so filling I could only manage 3, so I actually got to add the leftover veg to my dinner soup.  The lettuce and cucumber will be eaten tomorrow as I thought they might not work in a soup….. but my soup made 2 bowls full, and I was definitely full up after my dinner!  That’s why I was 15 calories under 500- also because the original 10g coriander I budgeted was a ridiculous amount of coriander so I didn’t eat all of that, and I initially budgeted 100g of carrot but one carrot when I grated it turned out to be 85g so less calories there too.

It did require some rejigging of my totals, and I contemplated having a grape or 2 to take me up to 500, but I listened to my stomach and realised I didn’t actually need anymore food.  Weird.

My breakfast was typically my standard breakie, except I usually add chia seeds, so I just skipped the chia.  I know a lot of people would skip the milk too as its calorific, but we have skim anyway, and as a woman I think it’s very important we get our daily calcium, so I kept my milk.  I usually have 2 teaS regular full-sugar jam as my topping, but the low sugar WW jam was alright.

I actually went to yoga this morning too.  I’d booked the class so couldn’t get out of it, but their Monday morning classes are lovely and relaxed, so I knew it wouldn’t tax me on a Fast day.  The Wed yoga class I go to would be a completely different matter entirely, but this was good.  Had a bit of cucumber afterwards, just because I am used to having a snack after exercise.  Usually some dried fruit and nuts, but this time had to go with the low calorie option.  Also, as my yoga is in a heated room I figured a veg with a high water content would help re-hydrate me too! 

When I got home from yoga I finished planning my food for the day (I have Mondays off).  As I’d read that it’s more beneficial to leave a larger gap between eating (less insulin spikes)- constant eating messes with your blood sugar – I put off lunch as long as possible, but to be honest, I really didn’t feel that hungry!  Only time my belly gurgled was when the boyfriend came home and made scrambled egg on toast.  I was chopping up all my veg for my ricepaper rolls so we ended up eating roughly the same time anyway, but it wasn’t until I smelt his that my tummy rumbled!  Very weird.  Usually I have to snack, big fan of the snacking.  Usually it’s fruit and/or some nuts/seeds, but gotta  have something mid-morning and mid-afternoon, so I was worried I’d feel starving, but I didn’t.  Does that mean that I usually eat out of boredom rather than hunger?

In the afternoon I had no snack at all, and about 4pm I got a bit hypo listening to the Les Mis soundtrack and generally bouncing around like a loon…. don’t know if that was food related.  Apparently once you get used to the Fast Days they give you great energy, but it seems a bit early for that, so maybe I was just having a funny 5 minutes….

All in all, it really didn’t feel like I was on a diet today, because all the veg was very fresh and filling.  Rice paper rolls on a diet?  Sounds good to me!  The boyfriend thinks I was a bit cranky, but the things that annoyed me were things that would have made me cranky on a Feast Day too, so I personally don’t think that counts as food-related crankiness. 

Going to do Day 2 on Friday.  Not perhaps the best day to do a Fast Day esp since we’re going to the cinema to see Star Trek (whoop whoop!) and I LOVE popcorn.  Seriously, I’ve been known to swing past the cinema just to pick up a big box of the stuff- always a bit awkward when the cashier is like “so what film are you going to see?” umm, none…. But I know there’s nothing to stop me getting some popcorn Saturday if I want so that is pretty cool and makes the whole thing easier.  Alternately I could make my own with popping corn which prob wouldn’t be too many cals if you don’t add butter or marge.  ANYWAYS, I digress…. I’ve upped my exercise recently and swim Tuesday night, power yoga Wednesday night and running club on Thursday night, so Fasting Friday is my only option at the minute.  The book says once you get used to Fast Days it’s just fine to exercise on them, but I don’t want to push it as I’ve only just taken up swimming again, the heated power yoga is pretty draining and running on an empty tank when not used to it prob wouldn’t be much fun.  Once I am used it though I plan to do it on an exercise day as I enjoy my Friday evening after work Southern Comfort n Coke, but for now, Friday it is.  At least this first week.  I have yet to decide which days next weeks will be.



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