The 5:2 Diet

I realise that by most standards, 9 stone 8 lb is not fat, but all my clothes are getting too tight.  I have some lovely clothes that are now far too clingy- you know when you try things on and go “oh my God I can’t be seen in public like this!” because it’s too tight?  Well I’ve now got quite a few items of clothing in my wardrobe that I just don’t feel comfortable in anymore and that is pretty rubbish as they’re very nice clothes!  The one that makes me feel saddest is this beautiful dress that just about fit when I bought it, but now I can barely breathe in, and certainly can’t sit down in as it cuts off my circulation.  I didn’t even get to wear it once before I got too fat for it!!!

As a pear shape all my weight is on my thighs, but have been finding recently that I’m getting a little pot belly, so that’s when I know I need to spring into action when it’s something other than my thighs bothering me!  It’ll get bigger than my boobs soon which is never a good look, so the time for action is now!  Also, I used to be about 9 stone, so at this size, although not “large”, it is large for me and I don’t like it.  Also, I had a devastating incident the other week when I went shopping for PJ’s- the changing room mirror….. it was not a pretty sight.  In being focussed on my burgeoning belly I seem to have forgotten about the state of my thighs…. I didn’t realise it was THAT bad…..

Since moving to Sydney I’ve put on a lot of weight.  I’d had previous success with Weightwatchers when I was in the UK straight after I left uni, spurred on by a rather unattractive photo of myself after a night out at the student union stuffing my face with chips!  So I stole my Mum’s WeightWatchers books and lost 1 stone 12 lb….. but it crept back on as I got to the point where it was just becoming a hassle having to work out my points everyday, for what, potentially the rest of my life??  Since moving to Sydney I’ve tried WW again, but can’t do it for more than a week or 2, and I tried Dukan as I liked the idea of being able to eat as much as I liked, but all the meat was just gross.  It got to the point where I probably lost weight just because I was barely eating anything at all, as the thought of eating more meat was just repellent.

Which brings me to now.  I can’t just “eat healthy”, because when  I try I cave in to burnt toast with butter (YUM!) and chocolate, and bread with dinner- no discipline what so ever.  That’s why WW worked for me for a bit, the strictness, but strictness ALL THE TIME?  No, doesn’t work.  It’s not sustainable.  So I’ve been reading about the 5:2 diet, where you eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2.  By fast, they mean eat 500 calories a day, in whatever form you want- 3 meals a day, 2 meals a day, 1 meal a day- it’s entirely up to you.  And your “Feast” days you eat whatever you like- if you want a takeaway or chocolate bar have it without guilt.  You’re not meant to completely stuff your face on your Feast days, but some over indulgence is completely fine.

Studies show that the 5:2 diet has far more wide-ranging benefits than just weight-loss however, and that is what makes it so appealing to me.  The fasting reduces growth hormones, hormones that, as we age, can cause obesity, cancer, diabetes and brain deterioration diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Studies show that following this diet can reduce your risk of getting these conditions, and helps slow down their development.  I’m turning 30 next year and my memory is already terrible, what’s it going to be like when I am properly old?  Scary thought!  My Nan had Parkinson’s too, so turning senile is a real concern of mine- I don’t want to lose my mind!!  So I am looking at this diet as a way of helping safeguard my future, kind of like a pension for the brain/body.  It’s almost like the weight-loss is an incidental bonus!  Dieting only 2 days a week, losing weight, AND all the health benefits?  Sold.

After reading up about it online last week, I bought the book on Sunday and did my first ever fast day on the Monday, keen to start feeling the benefits as soon as possible.

So here we go!


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