Feast Day!

Tues 21st May 2013- my first Feast Day of eating whatever I want, so here’s what I ate:

  • Breakfast:  Porridge- 20g oat bran, 13g tableS chia seeds, 200ml skim milk, 10g Loving Earth coconut chocolate butter.
  • AM Snack:  navel orange & few cashews/pepitas
  • Lunch: ½ an avocado on 1 ryvita & 1 x vitawheat lunchslice, with chilli flakes and a squidge lime juice.

– Leftover veg from yesterday as a salad with tablespoon dollop of aioli as dressing

– Chobani apple & cinnamon Greek yogurt

  • PM snack – pre exercise – peanut butter on toast
  • EXERCISE:  Swim, 1 hour.
  • Post exercise:  Cocobella coconut water
  • Dinner: “Cajun Gumbo” – 70g red lentils, 30g pearl barley, can chopped tomatoes, frozen mixed veg, frozen sweetcorn, onion, one decent size sweet potato, 4 garlic cloves, couple big sticks celery, mung beans, some mixed beans, 4 spring onions, red pepper (capsicum) – stock & Cajun spices, smoked paprika, sweet paprika, and remainder of the chicken breast I used for my noodle soup.

— with a some basmati rice.

* It’s actually a fairly typical day for me food-wise, no splurges on my first Feast Day.  You’ll note that I have weighed some stuff out, the oat bran and the lentils/barley, but whether I’m watching my weight or not I always count those out so I know how much liquid to add and cook times, so that wasn’t a hardship.  What was very nice though, was not having to count out WW points and weigh every single thing I ate!

Carbs have a bad wrap, and I know that when I’m trying to be “good” I do try to limit them.  Which is why tonight I had a bit of rice with my dinner!  🙂  It wasn’t a massive amount, maybe 4 heaped tablespoons, but sadly it felt like such a luxury, especially because I got to help myself to it without the feeling of guilt that usually accompanies me “caving in” to carbs.  On 5:2, anything is allowed on your “5” days, none of that “cutting out whole food groups” rubbish!

Don’t know how much of this was psychological, as I have read that with 5:2 your hunger levels/pangs diminish as you get used to the new way of eating, but I didn’t feel all that hungry today at all.  Even after swimming, mostly I just felt thirsty, when usually I’d HAVE to have a slice of toast afterwards, especially if we were eating late!  It meant that I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner, which oddly enough, instead of wolfing down as I usually do, I ended up eating much more slowly.  I did help myself to an extra dollop of gumbo however, but that was just because it was super tasty! 🙂


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