Yoga made today evil!

Wed 22 May 2013 – Feast Day


  • Break: 20g oat bran, 200ml skim milk, couple of teaS WW strawberry jam
  • AM snack:  pink lady apple & few cashews/pepitas
  • Lunch:  ½ an avocado on 2 Vitawheat lunchslices crackers with chilli flakes and a squidge of lime juice

–  Some Danish marinated feta

–  Chobani lemon Greek yog pot

  • PM snack:  ½ carrot & few cashews/pepitas
  • Pre Exercise snack when I got home from work: 1 x toast with marge
  • EXERCISE:  Vinyasa yoga, 1 hour.
  • Post Exercise snack: Cocobella  coconut water (mango flavour) to rehydrate, as it’s hot yoga and you really sweat!
  • Dinner:  TEN THIRTY PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Leftover noodle soup from Monday’s Fast Day, but with ramen noodles instead of the shirataki noodles


Yoga itself wasn’t actually the evil part, it was the disastrous public transport afterwards, aided by the POURING  rain!!!  After waiting in said freezing cold and rain for the bus that never showed up, we tried the station but the train was running late too.  Once we got to our stop we then had a delightful 20ish minute walk… in the rain…. lets just say, by the time me n the boyfriend got home I was not a happy camper.  I probably should have had some of the fruit n nut trail mix offered by the other half, but I think so fixated on the whole “eating when you’re hungry” thing I stubbornly refused.  Perhaps why I almost had one of those kiddie-style hissy fits at the station where you jump around stamping your feet and screaming.  In my case I wanted to add beating the floor or nearby pillar with my umbrella, but am glad I refrained because I really needed that umbrella….. so wolfed down dinner when got in and did feel better.  Note to self, don’t push yourself so hard so soon, post exercise, it is OK to have a snack.

Rest of the day was all fine.  The feta was a last minute addition to my avo for lunch and yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, salty goodness, think I will be having it tomorrow as well.  AND I didn’t have to weigh out a measly portion either, didn’t have to weigh it out at all which was awesome!  Obviously if this was a Fast day I would have to count it out, but it’s a Feast day so I can just enjoy it. 🙂


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