Shopping Trip for Goodies! :)

Thurs 23 May 2013 – Feast Day

Supposed to go running this evening but it’s been chucking it down with rain (still!) all day, so I’m wimping out after yesterday’s rain-filled evening.

Food for the day as follows:

  • Break: 20g oat bran, 200ml skim milk, couple of teaS WW strawberry jam
  • AM snack:  naval orange & few cashews/pepitas
  • Lunch:  ½ an avocado on 2 Vitawheat lunchslices crackers with chilli flakes and a squidge of lime juice

–          Some Danish marinated feta

–          Chobani strawberry Greek yog pot

  • PM snack:  kiwi & few cashews/pepitas
  • 1/2 a peanut cereal bar when home from work/supermarket.
  • Dinner:  Leftover Cajun gumbo.
  • Dessert:  other half of cereal bar, and a few air-popped corn.

So instead of going to the running club after work I popped to the supermarket instead, to try n scope out some low calorie yumminess!  That balances out the fact that I didn’t do my usual 5K, right?  :-S  I’m going to choose to believe it does….. ANYWAYS, usually everything we eat is homemade, but with all the exercising I’m doing after work (ahem, ignoring today!), I don’t always have lots of time in the evenings, so I got some yummy looking soups n a few cup-a-soups for the cupboard just incase I get stuck for time!  I think at the weekend I might try and cook up a load of low calorie soups to freeze.  If I work out the calories n write it on the ziplock then all I’d have to do was take it out of the freezer and tah dah, instant easy healthy soup!  But it always pays to have a back-up, hence my trip today.

Day Two Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my second Fast day and I am both really excited about it and a bit nervous too!  I found my first one quite alright, surprisingly so.  But am wondering if that was like a false positive or something- am a bit worried that this second time might be harder.  I will be at work this time and the boredom factor usually makes me want to eat sometime, or we might have annoying clients making me decide I need to eat to feel better.  The snack box full of crisps and chocolate on the kitchen lunch-table, which I see every time I get up to go to the printer, probably won’t help either- eek!!

Also, off to see the new Star Trek at the cinema in the evening with the boyfriend and one of his mates.  Sadly we’re going to have to go straight from work, so on my second ever Fast Day I am probably going to have to sit there and watch people eat tasty restaurant food whilst I get none.  All I can say is this film had better be good!!!  Am planning on having a snack before I leave work to try and make it a bit easier, and I have made some air-popped corn for the movies- can’t go to the cinema without having popcorn- but still, it’s going to be a tough one I think!


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