Friday 24 May 2013 – Fast Day 2

Break – 6.15am – Porridge – Total 205c

  • 20g oat bran = 74c
  • 200ml skim milk = 70c
  • 10g peanut butter all swirled in = 61c
  • Plus, at the boyf’s insistence, I added a pinch of cayenne pepper as it is supposed to really help kill off colds quicker and stop sore throats.  Mmmmm, spicy porridge….. ps. I don’t count cals of spices, think that’s a bit OTT!

Lunch –   1pm – Sweetcorn Chowder – Total 114c

  • 50g spring onion = 16c
  • 300ml stock using 1 x 3g teas chicken stock powder = 6c
  • 52g frozen sweetcorn = 40c
  • 48g Woolworths Homebrand sweetcorn (because I ran out of frozen – basically 100g whatever corn you have) = 38c
  • 20ml skim milk = 7c
  • 2g cornflour = 7c
  • ½ teaS cayenne pepper = 0
  • 1 teaS fajita spice = 0

Early Dinner before I left the office – 4.10 pm – Roast veg – Total 60c

  • 10 cherry tomatoes = 40c
  • 14g mushrooms (chopped into very small pieces!) = 4c
  • 1 x 3g garlic clove = 4c
  • 20g pumpkin = 10c
  • 3g balsamic vinegar = 2c
  • Sprinkle of herbs & Cajun spice, salt and pepper = 0

Cinema Snacks – Total 104c

  • 25g air popped corn = 90c
  • Can Diet Coke = 2
  • 2 x tabs Wrigleys Professional gum = 12

Fast Day 2 Total – 483c

Iffy start to my second Fast Day – woke up with a cold.  Felt the first inklings yesterday, hoped it wouldn’t turn into anything proper, but woke up this morning with it confirmed.  Bugger.  That’s ok though, I took some Berocca, some Echinacea and decided to plow ahead with the Fast Day as planned.  Not sure whether that’s the best thing to have done, whether it’ll help or hinder my cold, or make the Fast Day harder, but I’d planned it all out so I was doing it regardless.  Cold be damned!  I may regret this later, but we shall see…..

Am under calories again, because I overestimated something, again- cornflour actually weighs like, nothing.  I budgeted for 10gs of the stuff to thicken my soup- haha, my soup would have been solid if I’d used that much!  Sadly as I’m not going home now till after the cinema I can’t eat the extra, but I suppose I did get to have some gum after my oniony soup, so that was a plus about being under cals!  Tomorrow’s Feast Day plans will make up for it I’m sure.  One of our friends is having her PHD graduation ceremony tomorrow, so we’ve got some peeps round ours first for lunch (think fresh sourdough, cold meats, tortillas and dip, and a roast veg/rice salad) and then after the ceremony we’re all going out for a slap up celebratory meal + drinks- yum!  Will be testing this diet to the limit this first week I think, as we’re round a friends for Sunday lunch too, and last time we were there his mum had very nicely baked us a chocolate pear torte.  Will be interesting to see what the scales say next week….

  • 10.38am – my usual snack time.  Don’t really feel that hungry, just mostly want an excuse to leave my desk for a while.  Maybe I will go check the post?
  • 11am – ok, bit hunger-gurgly now.  Nothing too serious though.
  • 1.40pm – had my roasted veg for my lunch instead of the soup.  Figured the soup would keep me fuller for the evening out, so saving that till later in the day.  Had lunch at 1pm, but didn’t feel especially hungry though AND despite eating almost 7 hours ago I didn’t inhale it like I thought I would.  Ate it quite slowly, fork down between bites.  Tasted really good.  Tums a bit gurgly now- surely my stomach can’t be wondering what food is already, so early on in the diet!!
  • 4.10 pm-  having my soup now and it’s really delicious!  Would love this even on a regular day, yumminy!  Nice big bowl should help me get through tonight.  Our mate’s pulled out, but we’re still going to the early showing, so have to eat before we go.  But boyfriend has decided to eat leftovers at the office rather than subject me to watching him eat restaurant food which is v nice of him, so that’ll make the evening much easier!  BTW, my soup was the recipe in the 5:2 book which is super easy:

Sweetcorn Chowder

* Serves 1. 114c

  • 50g spring onion = 16c
  • 300ml stock using 1 x 3g teas chicken stock powder = 6c
  • 100g sweetcorn =  78c
  • 20ml skim milk = 7c
  • 2g cornflour = 7c
  • ½ teaS cayenne pepper = 0
  • 1 teaS fajita spice = 0

1) Put sweetcorn, spring onion, stock and whatever spice/flavour you like- simmer for about 5 minutes.

2) Meanwhile, add cornflour to about a teaspoon of cold water in a cup or bowl, mix it up, and then add to the soup, stirring.

3) Once soup simmered for about 5 minutes, remove from heat.  Wait a few minutes to cool, then add milk- stir in well.

4) Blend to desired consistency!  I had mine chunky, was good! 🙂

All-in-all, really not a tricky day in the end, not like I thought it would be.  Felt pretty crappy by the time we got out of the cinema (Star Trek- awesome btw!) but whether that’s the cold or the fasting I don’t know.

Sat 25th May, Note:

*  Didn’t sleep v well last night, took me ages to get off to sleep, and my tum did gurgle a bit, but not sure whether the poor sleep was mostly the cold or the Fast.


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