Thai Feast! :)

Tues 28 May 2013 – Feast Day


Break – 6am – avo on toast/Vitawheat lunchslice cracker

  • ½ an avo on 1 small slice garlic & olive oil sourdough and 1 x Vitawheat lunchslice cracker, with chilli flakes and a squeeze of lime.
  • Small glass of milk.
  • Ginger & lemon tea with honey

 Snack – 10.30am

  • Few grapes (brought 100g to work with me in total) and a few cashews/pepitas

Lunch – 1pm  

  • 50g hummus with carrot sticks and celery
  • Pot of Forme low fat yogurt.

 4PM snack-

  •   Finished off the grapes (100g total) and a few cashews/pepitas

Dinner – 7.30pm –  Thai meal at restaurant – 3 dishes shared with the boyf, who has a mighty appetite (distance runner), hence 3….

  • Chilli & Thai basil chicken stirfry
  • Beef massaman curry
  • Garlic and pepper veggies
  • Some rice
  • 1 ½ glass of white wine


I swear, we’re don’t usually socialise this much- all our social events seem to have ended up being crammed into a 2 week period!!!  I really am testing 5:2 to the limit in my first weeks.  Is all a bit bad timing really but hey ho- at least I can fit my Fast Days around my socialising days, and doing the 5:2 should at least keep some of the weight gain in check, so if I do put anything on it’ll be WAYYYYYY less than it would have been without 5:2!  :-S


Tonight we went out for Thai.  Our friend who’s leaving (whose house we were round on Sunday for Leaving Lunch)- we met him at the boyfs running club, and this is the running club leaving dinner for him, so we wanted to attend.


I know you’re technically allowed to eat anything on the Feast Days, but we’re out for dinner at a friend’s house on Thursday night, will probably eat out Saturday night as we’re going to see the Vivid (light festival in Sydney), and might be doing dinner and a movie (The Great Gatsby) with a mate on Sunday too!  I felt a little restraint during the day would probably be a good thing, so I deliberately brought in a bit less/lighter food to work today.  Am I going against the point of Feast Days by doing this?  Am not sure, but I think it pays to be sensible about it.


1.30pm– omg that was the most ridiculous amount of veg sticks ever!  Had 2 large carrots, and a good 8cm of cucumber…. Urghhhh full up now, pretty much forced that down.  Oh well, maximum fibre for very few cals, so is all good I suppose, except for the now uncomfy full-up feeling in my belly…..  The problem is, if I didn’t eat all the carrot/cucumber at lunch time, when would it be eaten?  I hate food waste, and we’ve been trying to cut back on it recently, which is why I had avo for breakfast and dip for lunch- it needed eating!  Going to have to start being even more careful with portion sizes, especially if I start getting full more quickly.  Whilst I’m just starting out, portion sizes on feast days might be a bit hit and miss- don’t want to plan too little food and find I’m starving, but also don’t want to bring too much, cos I don’t want to feel like I’ve got to finish everything.  Eat till you’re full is what you’re supposed to do right?  May take a little whilst to get used to this “new” concept!


4pm– not hungry but ate the grapes and a few cashew/pepitas anyway.  The grapes need eating otherwise they’re going to have to go in the bin- got more at home in the fridge too- don’t know if we’ll get through them all before they go funny L


Dinner was tasty, and generally a very nice evening spent with some nice people.  Had a glass n a half of wine with dinner too, and ate heartily.  I did manage to stop before that hideous “oh my god I’m going to explode!” feeling though, so yey me!  This diet is great, no one would ever know I was on it, as it’s not stopping me from living life and enjoying food!


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