Wed 29 May 2013– Fast Day 4: Wants me some chocolate!! :-S

Break – 6.15am – porridge – Total 144c

  • 20g Oatbran = 74c
  • 200ml skim = 70c
  • Cinnamon & ginger = 0

Lunch –  1.10pm – Soup – Total 156c

  • Woolworths Homestyle fresh soup pot (300g pot = 1 serve) – Beef and Vegetable-  = 156c

Dinner – 7.25 pm – Leftover Chorizo and Pumpkin Stew – Total 193c

  • Leftover Chorizo and Pumpkin Stew = 179c
  • 50g cauliflower “rice” = 12
  • Diet coke = 2

Fast Day 4 Total = 493c


My first day using one of my new shop-bought soups.  As we were out last night I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use one, as it’s not like I was going to bother making anything when we got back from the Thai meal!


Cauliflower rice, you probably gathered, is grated/food processed cauliflower, heated up.  Small white particles to trick me into thinking I have carbs whilst sneakily sneaking in more vegetable.  Is pretty good with curries, so I thought it’d be alright with the chorizo stew.  I actually have this “rice” frozen in the fridge/freezer – bought a whole head of cauliflower and quickly realised I’d never get through it all fresh as it was MASSIVE, so whizzed it all up in the food processor and froze it- now I have ready made stash of the stuff which is quite handy.

Did you also know you can freeze legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans etc?  Buy a bag of dried, prepare and boil up the whole bag in one go (cos you’ll never bother with dried beans if you do them portions at a time!), then freeze them.  Can be bunged straight from frozen into any casseroles or curries or stews.  Couple of weeks ago when I had a free weekend I did this with some mung beans and a bag of mixed beans – now I’ve got healthy proteins in the freezer ready to go.  Thrifty tip for you there! 🙂

11am – hunger pangs now!  Delightful hollow feeling in my belly….  Will try to fill it up with water and green tea!

11.52am – think it’s boredom-hunger.  This feels like the longest day ever, which is usually something that makes me want to eat!

1.30pm – Soup was nice.  Quite a decent portion size too, and a decent amount of meat in there- they didn’t stint like some soups do.  Hopefully will keep me  satisfied till dinner!

6.30pm – ok, cooking food (for the next day) that you can’t have a cheeky nibble of, that’s pretty tough, esp when it’s some amazing smelling chorizo!!!  Luckily tonight’s dinner is the leftover chorizo stew, perhaps the only thing that stopped me from scoffing some of what I was making.  I made a pastry-less quiche/frittata thing- is awesome for using up leftover veg- mine has some chives, sweetcorn, mushrooms and the chorizo in, plus a tub of low fat cottage cheese that needed using up, and sprinkled with low fat cheddar- yum!  Started making these when I did Dukan, but really love it, so have continued to cook it fairly frequently.  Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner- I often have it for breakie as it makes a nice change to my usual porridge! 😛


Its been Officially my hungriest Fast so far.  Although think it was more cravings, as what I wanted was chocolate- on more than one occasion did I fancy some, which isn’t really normal for me, and also didn’t happen on the other Fast days either!  Thought it was to do with today being especially dull at work, but then realised it’s prob because it’ll be my TOTM in a few days time (apologies for the too much info).  Oddly this makes me feel better about being “hungrier” today, in that it’s not the diet, it’s those crazy hormones!


ps.  Just ate dinner, and I’ve decided to rename it cauliflower “couscous,” as this is a more accurate description.  Name aside, fake carby goodness was yum! 🙂


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