I plan to be the tortoise, not the hare.

Break – 6.15am- porridge:  20g oatbran, 14g chia, 200ml skim, tableS peanut butter all swirled in.

AM Snack – 10.20am:  4 dates and a few macadamia & brazil nuts

Lunch:  ½ avo on 2 x ryvita, with chilli flakes and a dash of lime.  1 x carrot and big chunk of cucumber.

PM Snack:  1 x naval orange.

Cocktail Hour -6pm:  American Honey bourbon & diet coke -ahhhhhh I needed this!

Dinner:  Lentil veggie Mexican spicy gumbo thing with sausage that the boyfriend cooked – very tasty!  With a little bit of rice, bread n butter, and a bottle of rose shared between us.


The way I am trying to think about this whole weight-loss thing is that I’m in this for the long run, and as I don’t have loads of weight to lose, it’s probably better that it’s gradual, otherwise it’ll just pile straight back on again.  I have like, 6 months till Jan/my 30th Birthday, which is my big deadline for my weight-loss.  By my 30th Birthday I want to look and feel at my most fabulous, so I do have a little while to do this, slow n steady like.

I dunno, maybe I’m trying to make myself feel better about not losing any weight this last two weeks, or trying to make myself feel better about my lack of restraint on my Feast Days, I don’t know.  But you have to enjoy life too I think, life can’t all be salads and grilled chicken can it?  If you cut out everything that you love that’s too extreme and you will fail- at least I know I would!

I think slow and steady is the way to go with changes in diet, and I think healthier eating on my Feast Days will come, I just have to give it time and try not to beat myself up everytime I eat something “bad.”  Tis just a bit embarrassing though when you have to write up everything you ate and it turns out you ate an entire mountain of food!!! 😛


Fast Day 12: Shopping instead of eating is obviously the way forward!

Fast Day 12:  Thurs 27 June 2013

Break – 6.15am – Yog-  total = 39

  • 50g 5AM Natural No Added Sugar Yogurt = 39c

Lunch –  1pm – ryvita & feta with side salad – total 119c

  • 1 x multigrain ryvita = 40c
  • 25g South Cape marinated goats feta = 62c
  • Salad of 60g cucumber (7), 40g iceberg (4), 5g basil (1) + 5g teaS balsamic vinegar (5) = 17c

Dinner  – stirfry – 8pm – total 293c

  • 1 x teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 75g hard tofu = 157c
  • 40g Lee Kum Black Pepper sauce = 53c
  • 150g pak choi = 20c
  • 23g spring onion = 7c
  • 30g broccoli = 10c
  • 100g Asian shirataki noodles = 6c

Evening treats  – total 43c

  • can Diet Coke = 2c
  • 10g Milo with hot water = 41c

Fast Day 12 total = 494

There’s still cookies left in the kitchen at work (which I have to walk past every time I go to the printer!) and one of the girls had toast for breakfast when she got in and it just smelt so good!

I’m not remotely tempted to have either of them, I know I won’t cave in as my willpower’s pretty strong when it comes to Fast Days, but still, it does make it a bit tougher.  I am going to have the ultimate test this evening- going to the supermarket on a Fast Day.  It’s going to be evil, but we need milk and a few other bits, so I kind of have to.  My basket may end up overflowing with goodies, but as long as I am strong and don’t actually eat them then it is all ok.

Breakfast yogurt portion was ridiculously measly.  Also, I don’t actually like natural yogurt, tastes all sour to me, esp if you can’t add any honey or anything, so am not quite sure what possessed me to buy it.  I guess I thought it was healthier?

2.46pm:  Lunch was also quite small.  Tasty cos I love the feta, but over far too quickly.  Don’t feel hungry after, but the urge for eating is there today regardless of if my belly tells me it’s full.  Shall have to look forward to my dinner, which seems to have sucked up all the cals today, but which I think should be very nice.  And also quick, which is prob what I need after I get back from the shops- it will stop me demolishing other things I shouldn’t.

9.21pm:  Oh dear.  I couldn’t eat, so I spent instead!!!  Got 2 pretty new coloured drinking glasses from T2, 2 small side plates for small portions to go (one with owls on, the other cracked turquoise glaze), a new lipstick and mascara, AND some wellies, since the riding school yards I muck out on Sundays are a complete bog at the minute because of all the rain we’ve had.  But on the plus side, I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to- Fast Day intact!  🙂  Despite a girl eating chips at my bus stop and the amazing smell of fresh cookies wafting from the cookie place!!

I was supposed to have had an egg tofu scramble thing with garlic mushrooms for dinner, but when I got in from the shops I fancied a stirfry instead cos it was so tasty on Tuesday.  So I did a bit of calorie tweaking, and had a big meal of veg, tofu and fake noodles which was brilliant- I really needed a bulky dinner to satisfy me tonight, so this was way better than my original plan.  ALSO, it left me enough calories to have a cup of hot chocolate Milo- mmm, malty chocolatey goodness! 🙂

What’s with the self-sabotage?!

Wed 26 June 2013

  • Break – 6.15am- apple pie porridge:  1 grated pink lady apple, 20g oatbran, 13g chia, 200ml skim milk, 1/2 teaS cinnamon
  • Lunch – 1.00pm:  1/2 an avo with chilli flakes and a dash of lime juice on 2 x ryvita, 1 x ryvita with a little bit of goats feta, 1 x Forme no fat yogurt (peach mango flavour), and a Costco oatmeal raisin cookie….
  • Pre-yoga snack:  1 Vitawheat lunch slice cracker with peanut butter
  • Post-yoga:  Cocobella coconut water – original flavour – to rehydrate. And a slice of wholegrainy bread.
  •  Dinner – 9.50pm :  leftover risotto….. and 2 slice bread with butter.

Decided to snack a bit less today so no snacks at work.

Damn the bosses for going to Costco and stocking up on cookies as well as toilet roll though!!  Really should have resisted.  All my talk about wanting to lose weight this week and then I immediately eat a cookie?  Gah, self sabotage man, what’s wrong with me!?  I had it with my lunch, so I am hoping that this is better than having had it by itself…. only one set of blood sugar spikes if I had it with my lunch…. well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

And then bread with dinner too, as well as post yoga… this whole eating better has gone a bit to pot, except on my fast days!!  To be fair though, considering that today I felt like stuffing my face with food, and then stuffing my face with more, and then just eating and eating and eating, like nothing would satisfy me today, then I did pretty well….


Weigh-In: Fine By Me!

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 5 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 5 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  0 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 0 lb
  • Weight loss total = 3lb

Same as last week.  That’s fine by me, I ate a lot over the week, so cant believe I didn’t manage to put on!!!  Staying the same, that’s brilliant all things considered- i love this diet!!

Fast Day 11: green goop soup!

Fast Day 11: Tues 25 June 2013

10.30pm snack:  garlic mushrooms – total 65c

  • 1 x teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 100g button mushrooms = 25c
  • ½ teaS garlic powder, salt n pepper = 0c

Lunch – Green Goddess Soup – total 45c

  • 1 x teaS stock powder – 800ml water = 6c
  • 2 x 2g teaS cornflour = 14c
  • 200ml skim milk = 70c
  • 400g iceberg lettuce = 40c
  • 100g spinach = 21c
  • 89g spring onion = 28
  • 11g basil = 2c

Total 181c/4 portion = 45c

PM snack – 1 x multigrain ryvita –total 40c

Dinner – broccoli & tofu stirfry – total 350c

  • 100g hard tofu = 210c
  • 5ml olive oil = 40c
  • 23g spring onion = 7c
  • 100g broccoli = 34c
  • 40g Lee Kum black pepper sauce = 53c
  • 100g Asian slim shirataki noodles = 6c
  • Chinese 5 spice,  dash dried onion flakes & garlic powder = 0


Fast Day 11 Total:  500c

After the excesses of the weekend, I have been looking forward to this Fast Day.  This last week/weekend I seem to have just lost control.  I know I’m not hungry, and yet I’ve just been eating the food anyway, with a side of guilt.  Which then makes me want to eat more to make me feel better and then it’s a vicious circle!  Got to the point at the weekend where I was like “well I’ve eaten this badly, I might as well continue!” – not good.  And it wasn’t even a particularly busy weekend or social or anything, just mostly at home, eating crap.  Not impressed with myself this weekend.  I resolve to do better this week!!!

The boyfriend was a bit unimpressed at my lack of breakfast today.  Apparently no breakfast is bad because when you have absolutely no sugar in your blood, since dinner the day before, your body starts to burn protein instead of fat.  Your body apparently needs a tiny bit of sugar in the blood to burn fat as fuel.  He’s an athlete so he does know some stuff about nutrition, so I’ve decided maybe next time if I run out of calories for the day I should have breakfast and dinner, but skip the lunch…. Which would be a long time without food, but apparently that would be much better for my body. :-S  I didn’t do no breakfast on purpose today though- I meant to have the garlic mushrooms, but when I woke up I couldn’t face the strong garlicky flavour for breakfast!  To appease the boyf I said I’d have them as a morning snack.

10.40am:  wow, garlicky.  Half teaS is WAYYYYYYYY too much garlic!  Would be ok if I was at home, but in the office…. I am now concerned about breathing on everyone.  Think I will have to have a chewing gum, although it will put me over 500c- it’s that or death by garlic breath for everyone here!!!  Tasty though, would be good with some scrambled eggs- maybe Thursdays Fast Day will include this.

Today’s lunch I am not overly looking forward to.  It looks like swamp water- I should rename it Green Goop Soup…..  I didn’t dare try any yesterday incase it tasted so revolting I couldn’t eat it today.  Fingers crossed it will taste surprisingly delicious- I shall keep you posted.  In the meantime, here’s my recipes for todays food (stir-fry fairly self explanatory):

Garlic Mushrooms

  1. In a ziplock, put 1 teaS oil, add your mushrooms n shake it all up so they’re coated.
  2. Add garlic powder & seasoning, n shake it all up till coated.
  3. Microwave for 1 minute, stir, microwave for another minute.
  4. Enjoy!

Green Goddess Soup

  1. Put your stock and onion in pot, simmer, covered with lid, for 10 minutes.
  2. Add greens- simmer covered for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Add fresh herb at end, simmer for 1 minute.
  4. Blend in blender, and return to pot.
  5. Aside, add cornflour to a dash of the milk and mix it into paste.
  6. Add cornflour paste, back to milk, stir it, then add it to the soup.
  7. Bring soup to boil, stirring all the time, then reduce to simmer till soup thickens.
  8. Now ready to serve.

Can freeze, so I froze the other 3 portions for a rainy day!


9.02pm:  Went for a swim after work this evening (1 hour in the pool, some of that was spent chatting to my friend I went with, but a lot was swimming too!), so had worked up an appetite for dinner!  Dinner tasted so good, the broccoli was lovely and fresh, and with the tofu and slim noodles it was light but filling.  Prob could have scoffed like an entire extra bowlful cos it was yum, but tum-wise it did fill me up.


Lunch was not pond scum either which was a pleasant surprise! Although it did have a bit of a likeness to bog water in appearance, it actually tasted quite nice!  Could taste the basil, and it tasted like it was full of goodness, which being full of lettuce and spinach, it was!  Was a high veg quota for my fast day today, and a couple of new recipes I tried.  Pays to keep things a bit more interesting, although Thursday’s Fast Day might be back to shop bought soup as I’m out most of the evening tomorrow.

Weekend naughtiness!

Was away from the computer most of the weekend, so didn’t get to update you with my eating.

Mostly it involved sticky toffee pudding cupcakes (I HAD to make them, for a leaving do!), cheese, bread n butter, wine and chocolate.  L  Weight loss is not going to happen this week as I have not had much restraint on my Feast Days, so I am braced for the bad news on Wed when I weigh myself.

Need to start being better on my non-Fast Days.  Need to enjoy my food yes, but if I want to lose weight as well as have the health benefits of Fasting, then I need to eat more sensibly.

Did a delicious risotto last night (chicken, sweet potato, home-made sundried tomato paste, mushroom, broccoli, spring onion, low fat cheese grated in at the end), and then I topped it off by having a bread roll with butter.  Totally unnecessary when the whole dish is basically carbs, like, what possessed me to add further carbs to the meal???  This is the kind of thing I need to cut out, the added extras.  It’s not the meals that’s the killer, it all the bits in between that I need to sort out.  It’s my ToTM soon so it might be harder to behave myself food wise this week, but I am going to try.  I need those scales to start going down again!

Fast Day 10: Was a bit of a masochist today :-(

  • Lunch – 1pmish:  Woolworths Homestyle Beef & Vegetable Soup pot = 156c
  • Snack- 4pm:  25g grapes = 17c
  • Dinner – 7.30pm:  Leftover cajun gumbo = 326c

Fast Day 10 Total:  499c


Found today a bit hard.  Not that I was particularly hungry, that wasn’t the hard bit, but mentally found today a bit draining.


So what do I do this evening?  Prepare a really delicious looking rice salad for tomorrow with halloumi, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, feta and sundried tomato, AND a home-made sweet lemon dressing to go on it….. just to torment myself because I couldn’t have any of it.


Didn’t want more soup tomorrow though, so I had to make something as there was nothing fresh n easy in the house, and I wanted something tasty and fresh and full of goodness….. so I had to make something, but it wasn’t much fun in the making.  😦