Mon 3 June – Fast Day 5: Lunchtime laziness!

Break – 10am – porridge – Total 164c

  • 20g oat bran = 74c
  • 200ml skim = 70c
  • 15g Weightwatchers Strawberry spread = 20c


Lunch – 3pm – total 88c

  • 100g Woolworths Homebrand baked beans = 88c


Dinner – lentil bolognese –  7.30pm – total 189c

  • 100g lentils = 229c
  • can Annalisa Kidney beans = 240c
  • can Homebrand chopped tom= 108c
  • 2 x 3g teaS chicken stock = 12c
  • 315g pumpkin = 164c
  • 1/2 onion- 100g = 30c
  • garlic cloves – 9g = 13c
  • 64g mushrooms = 16c
  • 120g celery = 118c
  • 144g carrot = 46c
  • 120g red pepper = 30c
  • 115g broccoli = 39

945 / 5 portions = 189

  • 125g Slim shirataki rice = 12c
  • 15g pitted dates = 45c
  • can diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 5 Total 500c


Was supposed to have an asian veg salad, but it got to about 3pm and by that point I couldn’t be bothered to chop anything, so scoured the cupboards for something quick, easy and low cal.  As the dinner is a decent amount of points I only had 115c to play with, and none of my soups came in under that, not even my cup-a-soups, so 100g of beans it was.  That’s ok though, they were warm and hit the spot.


Dinner is a dish we cook a lot as it’s tasty, filling, can use up pretty much whatever veg you have in the fridge, and can be turned into a curry, or a cajun gumbo, or Mexican with fajita spice, or kept as a bolognese by using Italian herbs.  Its also v easy to make, doesn’t use any oil as it all cooks in the sauce (stock, chop tom n your spices), and you can make a MASSIVE pot of it, so it’s good for guests and for leftovers.  Wanted to try and make something regular for dinner tonight.  Don’t want to always have to make something “special” for my Fast night dinners, I like the normality of having this dish for dinner on a Fast night.  Also, it’s something both me n the boyf can eat, rather than just cooking for myself or making something special for me.


Haven’t struggled with hunger or choc cravings or anything like that today.  Probably because of the mild case of food poisoning I had last night means my tum has felt a bit like someone’s been jumping on it.  We went to the cinema (Gatsby!) – had pulled pork burger & onion rings (yum!), popcorn, and some chocolate.  My friend text me this morning to say she’d been sick too, and the only thing we’d had the same was popcorn.  Who ever heard of food poisoning from popcorn!?!  Well, you have now.



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