Back to normality!

Tues 4th June 2013 – Feast Day

Break – 6am – porridge

  • 20g oat bran
  • 200ml skim milk
  • 2 teaS WW strawberry spread

AM snack- 11am

  • orange
  • a few nuts & seeds – a mix of cashews, pumpkin seeds and Chic Nuts (roasted chickpeas)

Lunch 1pm

  • 2 x ryvita with feta
  • 1 x carrot
  • Chobani Greek yogurt – Lemon

4pm snack

  • few more mixed fruit & nut

6pm snack…..

  • a bit of corned beef
  • 1 x toast with butter…..

Dinner –  8am

  • lentil bolognese leftovers with rest of packet of fake <shirataki> rice.

Well, definitely an improvement on all the eating out.  Shouldn’t have caved into the toast with butter, as I asked my stomach “are you actually hungry?”, and it answered no.  But I ate it anyway because I fancied it…. garghhhh, no willpower.  Am hoping the will power will come as I get used to listening to my body instead of my brain when it comes to food.

Wanted to mention, about the dinner yesterday- the portion size was HUGE!!!  With my fake rice it filled up one of our largest bowls- I was full by half way down!!!  I still ate the rest….. but still, shows that although 500c doesn’t sound like much, you can still eat a substantial amount, if you pick the right things! 🙂

My next Fast Day is Friday.  I’m yoga-ing tomorrow and running club Thursday (eek, not been for about a month for one reason or another- gonna be a tough one!), and not sure I’m ready to do a Fast Day on one of my harder exercise days yet.  I will do, but once I’ve been Fasting a bit longer I think, so next Fast is not till Friday.  Planning to have leftover bolognese (I froze a portion!) and thai red soup for lunch, and usual porridge- all sounds good to me! 🙂


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