Momentary panic!

Wed 5 June 2013 – Feast Day

Break – 6.15am – porridge

  • 20g oat bran
  • 200ml skim
  • 13g tableS chia seeds
  • tableS peanut butter

 AM snack

  • Apple
  • Bit of mixed fruit n nut

 Lunch – 1pm

  • Rest of the can of baked beans
  • Chobani Greek yogurt – raspberry flavour

 Pre-yoga snack at home – 5.45pm

  • Toast with honey

 Post yoga – 9pm

  • Cocobella coconut water- mango flavour
  • Bit of mixed fruit n nut

 Dinner- 10pm

  • Black pepper Veggie stirfry – with a little bit of rice noodles.


Decided not to have a snack this afternoon at work, as I basically had a full can of baked beans for lunch (minus 100g), and as I planned to have a pre-yoga snack once I got home from work, I thought an afternoon snack was a bit unnecessary.  Is it weird that I had a moment of mild panic that I wasn’t taking an afternoon snack to work?  I mean, what if I got hungry???  I knew it was ridiculous the moment I thought it because I know I can last now, but I still had the knee-jerk panic at not having food to hand.  Might take a while for me to adjust to knowing that I don’t need to eat every 5 seconds!!


Work’s been stressful recently, so the yoga was very nice, and no public transport/rain disasters like last week, so got home at the usual time.  The boyfriend had chopped some veg earlier in the day so he quickly stir-fried it with a dash of olive oil, some black pepper sauce and soy sauce.  I wasn’t planning on having any carbs to go with it, but when I saw the rice noodles in front of me I just had to put some in my bowl.  I don’t like eating properly so late, but getting a bit more veg probably won’t hurt too much as it was fairly low cal and low fat.


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