Managed my 5k! :-)

Thurs 6 June 2013- Feast Day

Break – 6.15am – porridge

  • 20g oat bran, 200ml skim & 13g chocolate coconut butter swirled in- yum!

AM snack

  • naval orange & some fruit n nut mix (dried dates, pineapple, cashews, pepitas and Chic Nut chickpeas)

Lunch – 1pm

  • 2 x ryvita and feta
  • big chunk of cucumber
  • blood orange Chobani Greek yogurt

Pre-running snack – 3.30pm

  • toast with peanut butter

Dinner – 8am

  • scrambled egg on 1 slice toast (buttered… I should NEVER buy butter it just tastes too damn nice!) and a  side of leftover black pepper stirfry  veg.

Felt mega hungry this morning, like one of those days where you wake up and just feel the need to stuff your face with food.  But I didn’t, I  resisted, so that’s good- yey me!  I did eat a bit more of the mix fruit n nut than I would normally, but that shouldn’t break the bank so don’t think that’s too bad.

Finally got back to the running club tonight.  I REALLY didn’t want to go- I’ve had about a month off for one reason or another, so I knew it was going to be tough.  But I went, and did my 5k in about 34 minutes!  I was very slow, and my legs were so achey (esp hamstrings, think from the yoga we did Wed night), but I shuffled round and didn’t have to have any walk breaks (yey!), so am v pleased with myself!  Hopefully now that I’ve broken the drought it should start feeling easier again.  Felt great after, tired of course, but good! 🙂


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