Fri 7 June 2013- Fast Day 6: Camomile tea really isn’t cutting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri 7 June 2013- Fast Day 6

Break – 6.15am –  “apple pie” porridge – total 124c

  • 10g oat bran = 37c
  • 100ml skim milk = 35c
  • 100g apple, grated = 52c
  • pinch of cinnamon = 0

Lunch – 12.47 pm – soup – total 181c

  • Woolworths fresh Thai red chicken soup – 300g pot = 181c

Dinner –  7pm – Lentil bolognese – total 189c

  • Leftover portion of lentil bolognese (that I froze from Monday’s fast day!) = 189c

Evening treat

  • can diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 6 Total = 496c

8.53am – Breakfast had to be slightly minimised because I wanted the thai soup and that was a few more calories than some other lunch options, so I scaled back my breakfast.  I love this breakie, it tastes like apple pie is lovely, and I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fruit as I haven’t had fruit on a Fast Day yet.  We’ll see later this morning whether the fruit was a mistake, whether the sugars in it will make me hungrier than normal.  It was fairly filling, because the apple gave it some extra bulk that seemed to make up for the reduced amount of oatbran and milk, but we shall see.

11.09am – feeling ok!  Looking forward to my lunch, but more because I think the thai soup will be tasty than hunger gnawing at me!

12.47pm- lunch now.  Mostly because it was a good place for me to stop, work-wise.  Mmm, the soup is good though, would get it again.  The apple didn’t seem to have much affect on my hunger, which is good to know.

4.05pm – too busy with work to have time to eat anyways, even if I had the spare calories to do so, eek!

5.33pm – wow was work seriously stressful today.  I could kill for a glass of wine right now.  This camomile tea really isn’t cutting it!!!

9.17pm – well, I survived the evening without any wine, which is both rubbish (cos I wanted some) and good (because I didn’t cave in) all at the same time.  I might snooze on the sofa now.  Thinking next week I shan’t be Fasting on Friday.  The Fasting itself wasn’t hard, didn’t feel all that hungry, but after a long n stressful week it really would have been much nicer to wind down with a treat!


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