A very horsey day today! :-)

Sat 8 June 2013

Break – 6.30am – porridge

  • 20g oatbran, 200ml skim, 2 teaS full sugar raspberry jam

lunch – 2.40pm – sandwich roll n yogurt

  • lightly buttered wholegrain seedy roll, corned beef and some of lettuce.
  • Forme No Fat tropical yogurt

Dinner –  eating out somewhere in Sydney city centre- not sure what kind of food or where yet!

Cavalia Snacks

  • some Mix Up M&Ms (they were out of mint ones at the supermarket – BOO!!)
  • some Lindt Intense Dark Choc- Orange flavour one- so delish!
  • Maybe a glass of wine if they serve alcohol there.


2.56pm:  Late lunch today as I was out from 7.30am till well, 2.30pm.  Alternate Saturdays I volunteer at the local disabled riding school (called RDA – Riding Develops Ability), and today was one of them.  I also feed/muckout every Sunday morning.  It’s really fulfilling, and I love the horses, but it is knackering with all the mucking out and walking the horses round in class as you’re on your feet the entire time.  This week they actually got me to pop on to one of the horses for the last class as they were short a rider.  I used to get to exercise/ride this particular horse a couple of times a week last year, but this year we’ve not been able to, so he’s had no able-bodied riders on him for about 6 months really- lets just say we were both a little rusty!!!


But yeah, then went to the supermarket on way home.  Was only supposed to pick up red wine (to have specially for Game of Thrones season 3 finale on Monday! 🙂  ), oat bran and the chocolate for tonight.  Yeah….. I really shouldn’t go to the supermarket when hungry- I got more feta, yogurts, halloumi, cheapy noodles that are so bad for you but that I love, AND a packet of crisps for tonight too!  Eeek.  At least I managed not to scoff one of the bread rolls on the way home!!!  After eating my roll for lunch it was so tasty I really wanted another one, but 2 rolls is a bit excessive really, so I had my yogurt and now I’m done.


The reason for all the chocolate is that tonight I am off to see Cavalia, which is basically Cirque du Soleil but with horses!  As it’ll be a little bit like going to the theatre I thought I’d want a bit of choccy to enjoy whilst swooning over how gorgeous the horses are and all the amazing stuff that they and their riders can do!  Going with a friend from RDA and we’re going to go see some of the Vivid Light Festival first.  Each year in Sydney they light up all the buildings, the other week they had a special Doctor Who one, and it’s awesome, so we’re going to catch that and grab a bit to eat before the show.  Not sure where/what yet, but am sure it’ll be tasty.  Is part of the reason I decided not to have the two rolls for lunch since I’ll be eating out for dinner, plus chocolate!


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