Fast Day 7 – feels like normal now :)

Tues 11 June 2013 – Fast Day 7

Break – 6.15am – porridge – total 109c

  • 20g oatbran = 74c
  • 100ml skim milk = 35c
  • 100ml water =  0c

Lunch – 2pm – soup – total 208c

  • Woolworths fresh Asian style Chicken and Corn soup- 300g pot = 201c
  • 60g cucumber = 7c

Snack – total 16c

  • 1 x dried apricot = 16c

Dinner -7.45pm – Ricepaper rolls with chilli soy dip  – total 163c

  • 100g bean sprouts = 20c
  • 70g red pepper = 21c
  • 85g carrot (was 1 carrot) = 27c
  • 60g cucumber = 7c
  • 50g lettuce = 5c
  • 4g coriander = 2c
  • 3 large rice paper wraps = 27c
  • 5ml teaspoon chilli oil = 40c
  • 15ml tablespoon reduced salt soy sauce = 14c


Fast Day 7 Total 496c

Porridge was alright, despite using half water instead of all milk.

This will be my first day of Fasting on a day where I am doing proper exercising- swimming in this case.  I didn’t want to fast yesterday as I had a riding lesson and I didn’t want to risk that I’d feel all weak and be useless in my lesson, so had to fast today instead.  I will prob take it fairly easy at swimming and see how I feel.  I used to run in the mornings prior to eating breakfast, so should be alright with swimming on a Fast Day.  Will see. Luckily the pools not v deep so if I tire I shan’t be drowning! 😛

12.54pm – tummy gurgly for food.  Trying to hold off as long possible, to give myself the most energy for swimming.  If I ignore the gurgling I should be able to last a bit longer, maybe I will have lunch at 2pm.  Hahaha, I have ONE dried apricot as my pre-swimming snack, how ridiculous is that!  Thought a little burst of easily digestible sugar would be good just before I swim, although 1 dried apricot is a bit laughable!

8.15pm – Just had dinner, yum, mouth’s burning from the chilli now! 🙂  Swimming went ok, did about 40 minutes.  I was a bit tired as predicted, but whether that was because I was tired from my (horse) riding lesson yesterday or the Fasting I’m not sure.


All in all, the Fast Day went just fine today.  My next one is going to be Thursday, as I don’t want to do it on a Friday again.  Could be interesting as Thursdays is my running club day but we’ll see how I go.  If I have to shuffle round my 5k Iwill! 😛


Weight in tomorrow….. :-S nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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