Burnt Toast Revelation!

Wed 12 June 2013- Feast Day

  • Break:  Porridge:  20g oatbran, 13g chia seeds, 200 skim, 2 teaS full sugar raspberry jam
  • AM snack – 11am:  “gingerbread” bread and butter pudding
  • Lunch – 1pm:  feta on 2 x ryvita, 1 x carrot
  • PM Snack – 4pm:  naval orange
  • Home snack 6.15pm:  1 x toast with butter
  • Dinner 8pm:  cheapy instant noodles
  • Evening treat: 1 small glass of red wine.

Ok, so perhaps not the best food day ever in terms of health.  But I was supposed to have been going out for dinner this evening, except my friend had to cancel due to some sad family tidings 😦 , so I figured some nasty noodles would be nothing, calories and fat-wise, compared to what my dinner would have been had I eaten out.  Also, I’d def have had at least 1 glass of wine whilst we were out, so I figure I could enjoy some delightful Hunter Valley red this evening!  Haha, not quite sure that’s how things are supposed to work, but that’s how things worked in my head this evening.

I think I am making some progress though, because when I got in I had a bit of toast and was perfectly satisfied with ONE SLICE!!!  That absolutely NEVER happens.  Ever.  Not when it’s buttered burnt toast, which is one of my favourite things on the planet.  I was quite in shock at myself.  My stomach must be adapting or something!

Fast Day 8 tomorrow.  Will be my first one on a running day- bring it on!


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