Fast Day 8: rocked my run this evening!

Thursday 13 June 2013- Fast Day 8

Break – 6.15am – total 69c

  • Forme No Fat Yogurt- Peach Mango flavour = 69c

Lunch – 1.15pm – scrambled egg & chorizo – total 291c

  • 2 x XL eggs = 138c
  • 50g choriz0 = 153c

Snack – total 33c

  • 42g grapes = 33c

Dinner –  8pm – vegetable soup – total 105c

  • 210g carrot = 67c
  • 156g red pepper = 48c
  • 23g spring onion = 7c
  • 3g red chilli = 1c
  • 2 cloves – 4g = 5c
  • 219g pumpkin = 113c
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, 107g = 20c
  • 55g swede = 20c
  • teaS chicken stock powder = 6c
  • 4g fresh coriander = 2c
  • 10g Mae Ploy Mussaman Curry Paste = 12c
  • 20g Woolworths Homebrand crunchy peanut butter = 122c

423c / 4 portions = 105c

Fast Day 7 Total = 498c


9.43am:  Made the soup last night (bubble all till veg is soft, and then blend- simple!), and as I’m running tonight I figured it’d be best to have it for dinner, that way, when I get in from running all I have to do is microwave it.  Did flummox me slightly about what to have for lunch, as my lunches have mostly been soup!  Didn’t really fancy soup for lunch AND dinner, so quick n easy chorizo scrambled eggs- very much looking forward to it actually.  Doesn’t seem much like diet food does it! 🙂  Thought the protein would be filling and help my muscles.  I would have liked something properly carby before my run tonight, but I have a few grapes for sugar so should be ok.  Also, I used to run in the mornings before food, so really, not sure what I’m worried about, I will survive without my pre-running toast am sure!

Breakfast was quite small today, just a small pot of low fat yogurt.  We’ll see how I go this morning.  Would prefer to leave my lunch fairly late, but will have to see how starved I feel.

10.26am – doing alright so far.  It’s actually quite a nice feeling being a bit hollow, it does make you feel slimmer.  Whether that’s mostly psychological or not I don’t know, but you’re definitely less bloated on Fast Days.

12.19pm – ok, tum is gurgling for food now.  Been chugging green tea and water.  Will chug some more and try to hold off on the eating for a bit longer, as it’s v early yet.  The small yogurt hasn’t done too badly though really, all things considered.  Have been boredom-hungry this morning, but no real tum complaining until now so that’s pretty good.

1.30pm – ok, didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, but then I think most of this was wanting a break from work rather than hunger.

3.37pm – bored.  Want to eat now.

9.47pm –  post run, post dinner, post True Blood directors commentary….  The run went very well tonight I am pleased to say.  I didn’t feel like I was adversely affected by running on a Fast Day at all actually.  Didn’t feel tireder or more puffed out than usual.  Infact, the boyfriend says I was faster (haha, no pun intended!) this week than I was last week.  He has one of those fancy GPS watches, so he would know these things.  Infact, our little group did a new route which was 6.5k so I ran further than usual (usually 5k), and I did it in about 44mins.  I know that doesn’t sound very  quick or that far, but I run once a week at present, so I am chuffed with this!  It was quite a hilly course too, up then down, up then down almost the whole course, but I actually felt pretty good, and even managed a little “sprint” finish! 🙂

Had my grapes beforehand which was fine, but tried them afterwards on the way home and it was too soon to eat grapes after a run.  Ate one and it was too sweet and sickly- didn’t enjoy it, so I had my remaining grapes after dinner.  The soup was pretty tasty,a bit like a thai curry, which since I used thai paste shouldn’t be too surprising… but yeah, it was tasty and filling- my 1/4 portion made a really big big bowl-full.

From now on I won’t be worried about Fasting on a running day- it’s perfectly do-able.  Haha, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow though, whether I’ll be completely drained and super achey or not!


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