Fast Day 9: no breakfast? No problem!

Mon 17 June 2013

Felt very tired this morning for some reason, so I didn’t get out of bed till 8.30am.  This is late for me, as I’m so used to getting out of bed at 6am every morning for work (and often at the weekends when I have to look after the horses).  I did want to stay in bed for a bit longer, but I hate feeling like I’ve wasted my day off, so I dragged myself up and out.

As I didn’t plan my Fast Day’s eating yesterday I decided to make dinner this morning, using up all the veg in the fridge we had leftover, so that I’d know what calories I had left for the rest of the day.  It’s 11am now, so I’ve kind of skipped breakfast, but I don’t feel too bad about that, even though the dinner I’ve cooked smells good.  The 5:2 book says some people prefer to skip breakfast so they can have a bigger lunch/dinner.   Still haven’t decided on lunch yet, but don’t feel too hungry so this skipping breakfast- my first on a Fast Day- seems to be going alright as I’ve been a busy bee and distracted by the cooking.

Whilst making dinner, I thought I’d make tomorrow’s lunch- soup!  Thrifty tip- when you have some veg that is perhaps a little wilt-y, or not looking quite at its best any more, or peelings (eg carrot or parsnip), don’t chuck them away- they’re perfect for soup!  Put them in the freezer in a large freezer bag, and keep adding veg bits as the days go by, until your bag is full.  Once full, add it to some stock and your favourite spices/herbs- simmer till cooked, and blend!

I usually add a little bit extra, but it never breaks the bank because you just add what you already have in your fridge or cupboards.  In this case, I added some fresh spring onion that needed using up, 50g pearl barley, a bit of fresh coriander.  Spice-wise, I added a teaS madras curry paste, a dash of cumin, turmeric and sweet paprika.  I can’t taste it today because of the Fast Day, but it should be tasty- it was the last time I made my thrifty soup! 🙂

11.40am:  Ok, food is planned- here it is, what I ate/will eat today:

Lunch – 1.30pm – soup – total 160c

  • Campbells Creamy Pumpkin, Ravioli & Thyme Soup – 1/2 can 250g serve = 160c

Dinner – 7.30 pm – cajun gumbo – total 326c

  • 100g lentils = 229c
  • 1 x can Woolworths Homebrand Diced Tomatoes = 27c
  • 1 x can AnnaLisa Butterbeans = 314c
  • 50g pearl barley = 63c
  • teaS chicken stock powder = 6c
  • 90g chorizo = 274c
  • 226g beansprouts = 45c
  • 21g garlic- 4 cloves = 31c
  • 68g spring onions = 21c
  • 187g swede = 71c
  • 170g Woolworths Homebrand baked beans (can needed finishing!) = 149c
  • 361g pumpkin = 187g
  • 1 x v large carrot – 167g = 53c
  • 100g Woolworths Homebrand Frozen sweetcorn = 78c
  • 153g Woolworths Homebrand Frozen Mixed Veg = 70c
  • 4g coriander = 2c
  • 4 cherry tomatoes – 78g = 14c
  • Spices: cajun, black pepper, sweet paprika, dried chilli flakes = 0

1634c total / 5 portions = 326c

True Blood Season 6 FIRST EPISODE!!!!!!!! Treat – total 2c

  • can diet coke = 2

Fast Day 9 Total = 488c

1.53pm – quite enjoyed my little soup, it had ravioli in, mmmm pasta on a Fast Day.  Didn’t feel overly hungry, nor did I rush my food when I ate it  What I did do was eat it from one of my smaller bowls, with a little teaspoon.  Every little helps in the quest to make your Fast Day food seem more than food than it is! 🙂

4.13pm – just done some ironing that was long overdue.  Dullville.  So dull it made me want food, but it’s a long time until dinner!  😦


Well, I survived the day!  About 6 my belly started doing some serious gurgling for food.  Glad I was at home and not work, would have been quite embarrassing!!  But ignored it till dinner, and dinner portion was MASSIVE!!!  Maybe I should have divided it by 6 portions as there was so much.  Oh well.  Going to save a portion for dinner Thursday nights Fast, so probably no breakie for my Thursday either.  Fasting on a running day worked out quite well last week, so I am going to see if that was just a fluke, by doing it again!


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