Weekend Eating….

In no particular order, and am sure there was other stuff I ate too, but these are the naughtier things I thought I should declare that I ate:

  • double cream brie & ritz crackers
  • noodles
  • toast with butter
  • home made cupcakes- mixed peal sponge topped with salted caramel sauce…. yeah, I ate quite a few of these!
  • Buffet at our friends engagement party:  mini pies (beef ones and curry ones- both delicious!), mini samosas, chicken wings.  To be fair, I had only one chicken wing (too messy), and not tonnes of the other items, but probably about a zillion calories and fat!
  • Drinks at party- southern comfort & coke (oh yeah, that was pre-party….), 3 glass of wine (one white, one rose, one red- I don’t like to discriminate!), AND a margarita.  That was actually my first ever margarita oddly enough, and it was super tasty!
  • Sunday- felt like I ate everything in the house.  Was a little hungover, so I apparently decided to stuff my face….
  • Sunday evening dinner- bourbon beef casserole with cheesy polenta dumplings.  I made this a few weeks ago, and it made such a massive amount that I froze some, so we had seriously tasty dinner without having to do any work! 🙂


When I made it I adapted it a little bit.  I added half a cup of pearl barley, can of chickpeas, 2 potatoes, a dash of worcestershire sauce, a dash of red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of sweet paprika-  yumminy!

It was a bit too much to go in my oven proof dish, so after the recipe cooking time was up, my meat still wasn’t very tender, so mine was  2 hrs in oven, then I transferred it to a big casserole pot on the hob for about another hour.  The hob worked much better, next time I will just stick it on the hob I think.  I added more stock when it needed it, and then when I was ready to add the toping, I stuck the whole thing under the grill to get the polenta crispy.  Had added some grated cheddar cheese when I made the polenta (it melts in), for extra deliciousness! 🙂


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