Fast Day 10: Was a bit of a masochist today :-(

  • Lunch – 1pmish:  Woolworths Homestyle Beef & Vegetable Soup pot = 156c
  • Snack- 4pm:  25g grapes = 17c
  • Dinner – 7.30pm:  Leftover cajun gumbo = 326c

Fast Day 10 Total:  499c


Found today a bit hard.  Not that I was particularly hungry, that wasn’t the hard bit, but mentally found today a bit draining.


So what do I do this evening?  Prepare a really delicious looking rice salad for tomorrow with halloumi, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, feta and sundried tomato, AND a home-made sweet lemon dressing to go on it….. just to torment myself because I couldn’t have any of it.


Didn’t want more soup tomorrow though, so I had to make something as there was nothing fresh n easy in the house, and I wanted something tasty and fresh and full of goodness….. so I had to make something, but it wasn’t much fun in the making.  😦


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