Well behaved in time for dinner!

Break – 6.15pm – porridge:  20g Oatbran, 13g chia seeds, 30g dried dates chopped up, 200ml skim.

Lunch – 1.20pm – soup:  the other half of Monday’s Fast Day can – Campbells Creamy Pumpkin, Ravioli & Thyme Soup, 1 x carrot, Chobani yogurt- Apple & Cinnamon flavour

Dinner –  6.30pm – Malaysian meal out:  Shared between two of us:  roti with chicken curry, chicken satay and peanut sauce, rice biryani with a chicken curry & eggplant sambal

  • 1 x American Honey and Diet Coke
  • ….. and when I got in I had a teaS of salted caramel…..


Ok, it’s not a Fast day today, but as I am going out, I am trying just to have my meals and not snacks.  Less food intakes – ie not eating all the time = less insulin spikes = less growth hormone = less fat….. is how I read the 5:2 books, so I am trying to do that today.  ALSO, I like, gorged on bread last night  😦  And a salted caramel cupcake.  Well, there was only one of those, so you can’t really gorge on one cupckae, but you know what I mean!


So I’m holding out for lunch.  It’s 12.07pm now so I am waiting a bit longer- maybe 1pm?  I know that on Feast Days you’re supposed to eat “normal,” and not having snacks isn’t normal for me… but I would try n eat a bit less if I was going out for dinner anyways, and having done the fast days I know I can survive now without stuffing my face all the time, so no snacks, just meals.  Not sure if you’re supposed to do stuff like this, but I’m going to for today.  And I really want to have lost some weight when I weigh myself next week, so it still pays to be sensible on your Feast Days, and that’s what I think I am doing today by not having my snacks.  Sensible eating.


2pm:  Ended up having lunch at 1.20pm, because I wanted to finish off what I was doing, and also the microwave wasn’t free at 1pm when I wanted it.  Lunch was alright.  Feel quite full up now.  So that’s it till dinner time then!


Dinner was absolutely delicious, and probably enjoyed it even more because I’d been a bit more careful with my food during the day.  We went for a coffee afterwards, and I was going to get hot chocolate, but the place completely forgot about our order, so we just left without our drinks.  But I’d been looking forward to my hot choc after dinner, ie something sweet, so I had a little teaS of salted caramel when I got in! 😛


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