Weekend naughtiness!

Was away from the computer most of the weekend, so didn’t get to update you with my eating.

Mostly it involved sticky toffee pudding cupcakes (I HAD to make them, for a leaving do!), cheese, bread n butter, wine and chocolate.  L  Weight loss is not going to happen this week as I have not had much restraint on my Feast Days, so I am braced for the bad news on Wed when I weigh myself.

Need to start being better on my non-Fast Days.  Need to enjoy my food yes, but if I want to lose weight as well as have the health benefits of Fasting, then I need to eat more sensibly.

Did a delicious risotto last night (chicken, sweet potato, home-made sundried tomato paste, mushroom, broccoli, spring onion, low fat cheese grated in at the end), and then I topped it off by having a bread roll with butter.  Totally unnecessary when the whole dish is basically carbs, like, what possessed me to add further carbs to the meal???  This is the kind of thing I need to cut out, the added extras.  It’s not the meals that’s the killer, it all the bits in between that I need to sort out.  It’s my ToTM soon so it might be harder to behave myself food wise this week, but I am going to try.  I need those scales to start going down again!


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