What’s with the self-sabotage?!

Wed 26 June 2013

  • Break – 6.15am- apple pie porridge:  1 grated pink lady apple, 20g oatbran, 13g chia, 200ml skim milk, 1/2 teaS cinnamon
  • Lunch – 1.00pm:  1/2 an avo with chilli flakes and a dash of lime juice on 2 x ryvita, 1 x ryvita with a little bit of goats feta, 1 x Forme no fat yogurt (peach mango flavour), and a Costco oatmeal raisin cookie….
  • Pre-yoga snack:  1 Vitawheat lunch slice cracker with peanut butter
  • Post-yoga:  Cocobella coconut water – original flavour – to rehydrate. And a slice of wholegrainy bread.
  •  Dinner – 9.50pm :  leftover risotto….. and 2 slice bread with butter.

Decided to snack a bit less today so no snacks at work.

Damn the bosses for going to Costco and stocking up on cookies as well as toilet roll though!!  Really should have resisted.  All my talk about wanting to lose weight this week and then I immediately eat a cookie?  Gah, self sabotage man, what’s wrong with me!?  I had it with my lunch, so I am hoping that this is better than having had it by itself…. only one set of blood sugar spikes if I had it with my lunch…. well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

And then bread with dinner too, as well as post yoga… this whole eating better has gone a bit to pot, except on my fast days!!  To be fair though, considering that today I felt like stuffing my face with food, and then stuffing my face with more, and then just eating and eating and eating, like nothing would satisfy me today, then I did pretty well….



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