Fast Day 12: Shopping instead of eating is obviously the way forward!

Fast Day 12:  Thurs 27 June 2013

Break – 6.15am – Yog-  total = 39

  • 50g 5AM Natural No Added Sugar Yogurt = 39c

Lunch –  1pm – ryvita & feta with side salad – total 119c

  • 1 x multigrain ryvita = 40c
  • 25g South Cape marinated goats feta = 62c
  • Salad of 60g cucumber (7), 40g iceberg (4), 5g basil (1) + 5g teaS balsamic vinegar (5) = 17c

Dinner  – stirfry – 8pm – total 293c

  • 1 x teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 75g hard tofu = 157c
  • 40g Lee Kum Black Pepper sauce = 53c
  • 150g pak choi = 20c
  • 23g spring onion = 7c
  • 30g broccoli = 10c
  • 100g Asian shirataki noodles = 6c

Evening treats  – total 43c

  • can Diet Coke = 2c
  • 10g Milo with hot water = 41c

Fast Day 12 total = 494

There’s still cookies left in the kitchen at work (which I have to walk past every time I go to the printer!) and one of the girls had toast for breakfast when she got in and it just smelt so good!

I’m not remotely tempted to have either of them, I know I won’t cave in as my willpower’s pretty strong when it comes to Fast Days, but still, it does make it a bit tougher.  I am going to have the ultimate test this evening- going to the supermarket on a Fast Day.  It’s going to be evil, but we need milk and a few other bits, so I kind of have to.  My basket may end up overflowing with goodies, but as long as I am strong and don’t actually eat them then it is all ok.

Breakfast yogurt portion was ridiculously measly.  Also, I don’t actually like natural yogurt, tastes all sour to me, esp if you can’t add any honey or anything, so am not quite sure what possessed me to buy it.  I guess I thought it was healthier?

2.46pm:  Lunch was also quite small.  Tasty cos I love the feta, but over far too quickly.  Don’t feel hungry after, but the urge for eating is there today regardless of if my belly tells me it’s full.  Shall have to look forward to my dinner, which seems to have sucked up all the cals today, but which I think should be very nice.  And also quick, which is prob what I need after I get back from the shops- it will stop me demolishing other things I shouldn’t.

9.21pm:  Oh dear.  I couldn’t eat, so I spent instead!!!  Got 2 pretty new coloured drinking glasses from T2, 2 small side plates for small portions to go (one with owls on, the other cracked turquoise glaze), a new lipstick and mascara, AND some wellies, since the riding school yards I muck out on Sundays are a complete bog at the minute because of all the rain we’ve had.  But on the plus side, I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to- Fast Day intact!  🙂  Despite a girl eating chips at my bus stop and the amazing smell of fresh cookies wafting from the cookie place!!

I was supposed to have had an egg tofu scramble thing with garlic mushrooms for dinner, but when I got in from the shops I fancied a stirfry instead cos it was so tasty on Tuesday.  So I did a bit of calorie tweaking, and had a big meal of veg, tofu and fake noodles which was brilliant- I really needed a bulky dinner to satisfy me tonight, so this was way better than my original plan.  ALSO, it left me enough calories to have a cup of hot chocolate Milo- mmm, malty chocolatey goodness! 🙂


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