Weekend Eating- it wasn’t me, it was the mud!




Sat 29 June 2013


Break: 3 weatbix with skim milk & couple of teaspoons sugar….


Lunch:  bit of Camembert & brie with crackers, and a little bowl of scrambled egg the boyfriend did for me.


Dinner: Dinner out at one of those fancy burger place, Grill’d:  Beef burger with grated carrot, spinach & satay sauce, thick cut chips with sweet chilli mayo.  Couldn’t finish all the chips though, which is not like me at all!!!


Cinema Snack:  some Dairy Milk & Lindt orange, and some jelly babies


Yeah, more cheese…. but as my mate pointed out, it’s all ok, they’re French cheeses, and French women don’t get fat right? 😛  I’m not sure what’s going on with my new cheese fetish- I never used to like cheese!  Well, I liked goats cheese which is my absolute favourite, and cheese melted on stuff was fine, like pizza…. but not actual cheese cheese.  Certainly not slabs of it on crackers, that’s for sure!  Haven’t converted to eating hard cheddary cheese, and doubt I’ll ever like really stinky cheeses like blue cheese and stilton, but still, my taste buds have changed a lot recently.  I never used to like red wine either (too strong, rich n heavy), until dinner party’s with the boyfriends bosses who’re constantly topping up your wine glass when you’re not looking- you can be chatting to someone on your right, turn back round and your glass is refilled like magic! 🙂  So now I like cheese and red wine.


Perhaps not my best food day ever.


Oh yeah, cinema- Superman! 🙂  Seriously, in the words of Zoolander, Henry Cavill is just RIDICULOUSLY good looking!!!   It’s just nuts, no-one is that pretty, it can’t be normal- maybe he really IS from outer space, maybe he really is Superman!!!!!!



Sunday 30th June 2013


Break:  oatbran porridge with dollop of jam


Post RDA snack:  cheapy noodle soup


Lunch:  corned beef sandwich on buttered bread


Snacks:  cheese on crackers….


Dinner:  Lentil sausage Mexicanny gumbo thing, bit of rice, garlic & onion sourdough with butter.


  • Couple glasses wine, some chocolate.


In my defence, had a pretty hideous morning feeding at RDA with the horses.  It has rained pretty much non-stop for the last 2-3 weeks, and the place is a BOG.  Mud well passed the ankle, thick glutinous mud that sucks your feet n traps you-it was pretty bad!  And it’s a half hour walk in the rain to get there, then because there was only two of us feeding/mucking out 8 horse yards, it took us an hour and a half, in the POURING rain, and then a half hour walk back.  Blessedly the sun at least tried to come out on the walk home, although it was still raining….. so yeah, needed warm comfort of noodles n food today!  Spent most of the day trying to keep warm on the sofa with hot water bottles and the duvet.  I wasn’t completely lazy though, I was doing a photo-album (got up to September!) so I was technically productive!



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