Fed up :-(

Break – 6.10am – porridge:  20g oat bran, 13g chia seeds, 200ml skim milk, tableS peanut butter swirled in.

AM snack- 10.30am:  pink lady apple, plus 2 brazils & 2 macadamias.

Lunch 1pm:  leftover tofu egg scramble on toast with butter (minimal scraping of)

PM snack:  a few nuts/pepitas

Snack when I got in from shops:  bit of corned beef in 1 x slice wholegrainy bread- no butter.

Dinner – 8.30pm:  leftover Mexicanny gumbo thing & some shirataki “fake” noodles.

Disappointed after today’s weigh in- gain of 1lb- but to be honest I have fairly gorged myself on my weekend Feast Days this last few weeks, so am not overly surprised by this result.  That doesn’t, however, mean that I am happy about it!!!

I WILL lose some weight next week.  I don’t want to calorie count on my non-fast days, but I do need to moderate my eating to include a bit less less bread n butter with dinner, less cheese, less booze.  It’s not rocket science, it’s quite clear to see that I’ve just been having too much of these things- way more than I usually do!  It’d be ok if I had small/reasonable portions of what I like, but that hasn’t been happening, so am going to try and be more mindful this week on my feast days.  As I said the other day,  I’m taking this weightloss thing slow and steady- I know that my feast days will naturally calm down a bit once I’m used to the diet and listening to my hunger more, however I have been feeling gross from my weekend food binges, so this week I am going to make more of a concerted effort to eat a bit healthier and a bit less.  Also, RDA and work have both been pretty crappy recently, and I REALLY need a boost- not sure if weightloss will make me happier than chocolate would right about now, but it’d be something!


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