Fast Day 14: 1 cal over- oophs!

Fast Day 14:  3 July 2013

Break – 6.15am – porridge – total 164c

  • 20g oatbran = 74
  • 200ml skim milk = 70c
  • 15g Weightwatchers strawberry spread = 20c

Lunch –   Swedey Thai mussaman soup –total 91c

  • 209g carrot = 66c
  • 285g swede = 108c
  • 47g celery = 7c
  • 1 x garlic clove – 5g = 7c
  • 85g – ½ an onion = 25c
  • 1 x Oxo beef stock cube = 17c
  • 1g fresh ginger = 0
  • 10g Mae Ploy Mussaman paste = 12c
  • 20g Woolies Homebrand crunchy peanut butter = 122c
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon & chilli flakes = 0

364 / 4 portions = 91c

Pre-yoga snack – total 70c

  • 50g Springbrooke Valley sliced ham = 50c
  • ½ multigrain Ryvita = 20

Post yoga snack – total 20c

  • ½ multigrain Ryvita = 20

Dinner –  9.50pm – Soup = 156c

  • Woolies Homestyle Beef & Vegetable soup = 156c

Fast Day 14 Total:  501.

Oophs, 1 calorie over.  Nevermind, don’t think one cal will break the bank.

11.17am:  don’t feel hungry, just a bit down in the dumps.  Am hoping yoga will help uplift me later.  Am trying to plan some holiday from work, except I don’t seem to have much holiday to play with which is a bummer- I don’t know where it goes, cos I swear I don’t take hardly any!!  Going to have to do some jiggling, but once I’ve booked it that’ll cheer me up as something to look forward to! J

1.42pm:  Prob not a good idea to look at a pinterest board called Food Porn on a fast day….  Oh well, it hasn’t made me more hungry or anything, I only did it AFTER I ate my soup, which was yum by the way.  The swede makes it really creamy and rich tasting! J  Simmer all ingredients in a pot till soft/cooked, and then blend- tah dahhh!

3.40pm: mmmmm ham.  Was in the reduced section last night at the supermarket, v glad I bought it cos it’s v nice, AND low cal!  🙂


Post yoga:  Hmm, more soup for dinner…. it was nice soup, but prob should have tried to plan something that wasn’t a liquid dinner since I had a liquid lunch!


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