There are no goats Halfman!

My Fast Day yesterday- not sure I like doing a Fast Day on a yoga day- it actually felt much harder than doing it on a running club day.  Maybe cos when I go yoga I’m out all day from 7.20am in the morning till about 9.40pm at night- it’s a long day to be Fasting.  Also, I think the yoga is actually more physically draining for me than running.  It’s Vinyasa yoga, so flowing yoga, but it’s a strong class, and in the heated room you sweat buckets, so I find it more tiring than running- is that weird?  I was definitely a cranky pants when I got in, before I had my dinner…. of more soup…. :-S  I definitely missed my rehydrating coconut water afterwards.

Think yoga did me the world of good though, because I feel so much lighter (mentally) and much more positive about things today!

When I got in from yoga, I started making some quinoa oaty porridge for this morning- it had to soak overnight so it could get all juicy and plump, so I had that this morning for breakfast.  Made 4 portions, which are MASSIVE portions.  Not sure how cooked the quinoa was, in an ideal world I’d have been able to cook it for longer this morning, but as it was I just pinged it in the microwave for about 6-7 minutes.  It was edible though, it wasn’t like raw or anything!!

Break- 6.20am – oaty quinoa porridge

  • ½ cup of oats
  • ½ cup quinoa (mine was red quinoa as that was what I had in the cupboard)- well rinsed before use.
  • ½ cup mixed dried fruit
  • ½ cup combo of dried apricots and dates, chopped.
  • TeaS cinnamon and ½ teaS mixed spice
  • 4 cups water

Serves 4

Put all in a pot, and bring to boil, then take off heat, cover, and let sit overnight.  Then in the morning, recook for a bit.  I added some skim milk, 15g chopped macadamia nuts, and 2 teaspoon blobs of  raspberry jam, but to be honest, with all that dried fruit it really didn’t need the extra jam.  I shall omit the jam tomorrow.

Annoyingly the recipe was in cups- I HATE cups with a passion- so unprecise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I usually try to avoid recipes that use cups, but sadly you can’t always do that, like this time.  And I forgot to weigh the ingredients out as I measured the cups, so unfortunately I can’t give you the grams equivalent, and therefore I can’t work out the calories of this breakie.  I imagine it’s high-ish in cals, but very good for you, so it should keep me full up for quite a while!

Rest of my food for the day is as follows:

11am snack:  1 x Snapz (fake Ritz) cracker

1pm lunch:  Meat n Cheese plate:  25g Camembert (the serving size), 4 Snapz crackers, mini corned beef sandwich made with 1 slice wholegrain bread (no butter), rest of the ham packet (it was a fairly small packet, hence polished off yesterday and today), Carrot sticks (1 x carrot)

Pre and Post running snack, split between the two snack sessions:  100g grapes, 2 Snapz crackers, mango coconut water.

Have gone with a kind of continental cheese/meat plate for lunch, it’s a bit hodge podge but it’s what we had in the fridge and it was quick to grab.  Wanted the cheese, but the corned beef and ham needs eating, hence cheese, crackers, ham and a mini corned beef sandwich lunch.  Bit of onion chutney or chilli jam would make it perfect- maybe I’ll add it to the next shopping list.  Seems like a bit of a big lunch because its lots of little bits, but I went with the serving sizes of cheese and crackers (hahaha, 7 crackers is a serving size, I could eat 7 crackers without even noticing!!!) so that’s progress.  The serving size of cheese, whilst small, isn’t as small as I thought, so I’m pleasantly surprised about that.  I know I said I was going to reduce my cheese intake, but I don’t want it gone entirely, so thought I would give myself a little portion, the one they suggest on the pack, so I’d say that’s still eating quite moderately.

Dinner I have no idea yet- whatever I manage to rustle up when I get in from running.  Am thinking lentil curry as it’s easy (bung everything in a pot and simmer), with either chunks of tofu (needs eating), OR, tofu blended into the chopped tomatoes to make a healthy “creamy” curry sauce.  I quite like doing the creamy sauce thing- it tricks you into thinking your meal is decadent, when really you’re just getting lots of good low fat protein- SCORE!

1.57pm:  I just had my lunch.  My mini meat n cheese platter- with a carrot for good measure.  It was DELICIOUS, thoroughly, gleefully, enjoyed it!! 🙂  Think I am going to have to have it again tomorrow, although we have no ham.  That’s ok, I will make do (“there are no goats Halfman,”   “well make do!”…. ah GoT I miss you)- maybe I’ll have a few sundried toms instead. Mmmmmmm tasty!

9.14pm- Post run, Post dinner:  No curry for dinner, had 2 x egg on lightly buttered toast, and half a can of baked beans instead.  The boyfriend had some leftovers that he needed to eat, so I decided to save the curry cooking for tomorrow night and just do myself something quick after my run.  Was yum, felt like I could have eaten loads more though!


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