Eating didn’t go as planned this weekend… and it started off so well!

Sat 6 July 2013

* Break- 8.30am:  oaty quinoa porridge, 20g added oat bran, some skim milk & a tableS peanut butter

* Lunch:  Corned beef sandwich- 2 slice wholegrain bread, buttered.

* PM snack:  Dutch curry cup-a-soup.  Hard boiled egg.  Not at the same time.

*Dinner:  Leftover coconut chicken stew, basmati rice

* Booze:  dregs of the red wine, dregs of the white (combined barely made 1/2 a glass), 1 x southern comfort n diet coke.

*Brutally honest moment when I could have just said “chocolate”:  2 x green apple licorice, 1 x milk sweet, 1 x jelly baby, 4 square cadbury dairy milk, 1 mini lindt egg, 2 x square minty dark chocolate and a marshmallowy fluff type cream egg.


Sunday 7 July 2013

Slept like crap last night- woke up at 3.30 in the morning and then my brain started whirring and I couldn’t get back to sleep, and I was thinking about the most ridiculous thing ever too, but I just couldn’t stop my brain from charging full steam ahead.  Was thinking about my 30th Birthday party…. my 30th Birthday isn’t until JANUARY, and we hadn’t even decided we were going to have  a party!!!  But apparently my sleep addled brain knows we are cos it was planning everything including the all the food (honey soy glazed cocktail sausages anyone?), and that we’ll be pushing our dining table up against the wall to make more space and that we’ll be hanging fairy lights everywhere, and all sorts of other ridiculous stuff.

Got up at 5 in the end and got some bits done, cos sleeping wasn’t going to happen.  So was seriously tired today, but didn’t snooze (I did try at about 11am but couldn’t get off to sleep despite being exhausted!), so I guess I ate instead today.  Lots of bread.  Had a little cheese party with the boyfriend before dinner, polishing off the brie and Camembert and having a sizeable amount of marinated feta.  No booze at least tonight.



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