Fast Day 15: ill-planned!

Break- 6.15am:  Chobani Greek yogurt – apple & cinnamon = 142c

Lunch- 12.45pm- Green Goddess Soup – total 45c

  • 1 x Wrigleys Professional gum = 6c

Dinner – 7.45pm – stirfry – total 304c

  • 181g broccoli = 61c
  • 30g frozen sweetcorn = 23c
  • 66g celery = 10c
  • 127g carrot = 40c
  • 100g onion = 30c
  • teaS olive oil = 40c
  • 35g Amoy Sichuan sauce = 94c
  • 100g Asian shirataki noodles = 6

Fast Day 15 Total = 497c

I didn’t plan my food very well today.  My dinner ended up being the hugest bowlful- was far too much- I could have had half as much dinner and more food during the day! 😦  Which would have been nice cos my tum was gurgling for food!!

Dreading the weigh-in tomorrow.  I don’t think it’s going to go well, after all my weekend eating again.  Its terrible, I know I shouldn’t, and I tell myself I shouldn’t, and then I eat it all anyways, it’s a disaster!

Went swimming after work for 45 minutes though, so that should have burnt some cals, so fingers crossed!


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