Weigh-in: HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 6 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 3 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  3 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 0 lb
  • Weight loss total = 5 lb

Wohhhhhhhhhh happy dance, I actually lost some weight!!!!  I have felt a little slimmer than last week, but I thought that with all the weekend eating I’d have still put on, or at least stay the same.  Oh am so pleased!!! 🙂  Maybe I was a bit more restrained than I thought….?  I think I did do well last week during the week on non-fast days, so maybe that plus the fast days stood me in good stead.  


This was the perfect little boost this morning, as I have a stressful day ahead at work, so now I have a little bounce in my step.  Or I would, if I wasn’t so achey from riding on Monday and swimming yesterday! 😛


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