Celebratory dinner, yum yum!

Wed 10 July 2013

Breakie- 6.10am- porridge

  • 20g oat bran, 200ml skim, tableS chia, 40g chopped dates

AM snack – 10.30am:  hot choc with skim milk

Lunch- 12.30pm

  • Feta on 2 x ryvita
  • Some natural yogurt.
  • Chewing gum after.

PM Snack

  • Grapes and a few brazils/peptas

Pre dinner

  • Small bowl butter popcorn
  • 1 x toast with butter


Dinner– Thai takeaway

  • beef mussaman, chicken red curry, veg in oyster sauce, and a beef n peas one (we didn’t eat it all, there was leftovers I promise!)
  • 1 x glass of rose
  • Bottle of sparkling moscato, polished off between me n the boyfriend
  • 3 macarons- a strawberry one, a citron one, and a chocolate one


Ok, I know you’re not supposed to celebrate or reward yourself with food, but I had some really good work-related news this morning (payrise and new job title- yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!) and I wanted to have a little celebratory meal to say “well done me!” !  🙂  Also, was supposed to be going out for dinner tonight (for dumplings/yum cha!) but my friend had to reschedule, and I still wanted to have something tasty for dinner, that didn’t involve me cooking!!

The boyfriend surprised me with the bottle of sparkles when he got in from work to say “Yey and Congratulations”, so that was a lovely surprise indeed- super sweet of him!  But that’s why I had the glass of rose, cos I didn’t know about the sparkles at that point!  I wouldn’t have had both otherwise!!


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