Fast Day 16: Eating salad out of your mixing bowl- classy! :-P

11 July 2013

Break- 6.15am- total 87c

  • 50g natural yogurt = 39c
  • 150g strawberries = 48c

Lunch – soup – total 162c

  • Real Soup – Tuscan Chicken & Orzo – 300g pot = 162c


  • 1 x Toscano macaron (strawberry flavour!) = 63c

Dinner – salad – total 179c

  • 60g spinach = 10c
  • 100g cherry toms = 19c
  • 92g carrot, grated = 29c
  • 12g spring onion = 3c
  • 28g jalapenos = 4c
  • 30g South Cape marinated goats feta = 74c
  • teaS olive oil dressing = 40c

Fast Day 16 total = 491c

9am:  Was nice having strawberries for breakfast this morning, I enjoyed that.

Am looking forward to my soup, it was a fancy one, reduced for quick sale so I snatched it up yesterday at the supermarket!

I thought I would feel a bit hungover today, as we ended up the whole bottle of sparkling wine last night, but I feel alright, just tired, but that could be cos it was past my bedtime when I went to sleep.

Hehehe, I can’t believe I have a macaron to eat on my Fast Day, I can’t believe they’re so few calories.  Maybe they’re just tasty little puffs of air?  Mmmmmm, very much looking forward to it, think it might have to be a midmorning treat!  They too were reduced from like $9 to $5 so I couldn’t resist buying the packet of them…. Ate 3 yesterday and bringing the rest in today for peeps in the office, and I couldn’t just sit there and watch as they’re all eating macarons, so I HAD to factor one in for today….. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😛

10.30am:  tummy gurgling for food.  All the junk I had last night perhaps making me crave food, or just my strawberry yogurt breakfast wasn’t filling enough?  Who knows.  But I am holding out for the macarons, decided 11am is the correct time to have a treat- it’s not called elevenses for nothing!

11.13am:  mmmmmm yum!  And other peeps enjoyed theirs too so that’s good!  They’re pretty tasty for shop bought ones- made/imported from France apparently, which is a bit dodgy for the carbon footprint since I’m in Oz, but never mind.  Explains why they’re usually extortionate!!!!  Is making me want to swing by this amazing macaron shop (Baroque) in the city on Saturday… I will actually be in the city on Saturday…. A detour may have to be made, cos their ones are seriously amazing- their salted caramel one is to die for!  So much for restraint then…..

9.40pm:  Social running club this evening.  My calves were ridiculously achey/knotty still from riding Monday and swimming Tuesday, so I decided to do the short 3K run instead of my usual 5k.  The way I look at it is this:  it was freezing and I still went for a run, I didn’t sit on my arse on the sofa which is what I’d have been doing otherwise, so 3k, when you look at it like that, is really good!  Go me!

When we got in, what I really wanted for dinner was something starchy, warm and comforting, so I wasn’t overly looking forward to the salad I had planned, but you know what?  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was super tasty and full of flavours that worked really well together- thinking about it now makes me want some more it was so good!  It ended up being quite a big portion- had initially planned 100g spinach, but that ended up looking like a ridiculous amount, so I cut it back down to 60g and I still had to eat it out of my mixing bowl because it wouldn’t fit in our actual bowls! 😛


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