It’s all about the chutney today.

Breakie- 6.10am:  oatbran porridge with blackberry jam

AM snack: a few crackers and a hot chocolate with skim milk

Lunch:  Cheese n meat plate:  30g camembert, some ham, some salami, some crackers, carrot sticks

Pre-Dinner snack:  cheese n crackers and CHUTNEY!

Dinner:  Gumbo of some kind, using up the veg.

Couple of glasses of wine.


9.50am:  Didn’t love the new jam I bought, had big hard chewy blackberries in- not good.  Won’t be getting that one again, oh well, will use it up and then try a different one.
As I just wrote up my food plan for the day I realised I forgot my caramelised onion chutney!!!!!  I bought some especially to go with my little continental plates and then totally forgot about it this morning when I got all my food together, damnit Janet!  Boo.


6.28pm:  Awww, came home to a treat from the boyfriend- a glass of wine, n cheese n crackers at the ready!  So lots of cheese n crackers has now been eaten.  Not sure what’s happening about dinner, the boyf said he’d cook,  but not sure when that’s going to be happening!  At least I’m not hungry in the meantime now…. 😛


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