Best Sunday Ever! :-)

Cocktails At Shady Pines

Cocktails At Shady Pines


Ended up having Thai food Saturday AND Sunday night!  First was takeaway round a friends house, and Sunday was at Spice I Am in the city.  Saturday’s was nice enough, but the food at Spice I Am was, I think, the best Thai I’ve ever had!!!

We had a duck mussamun, spicy Thai basil pork belly, and a fresh lime-tasting salad (Nam Khao Tod)- omg I ate so much, I couldn’t stop myself, it was just so delicious, esp the pork belly, which was crispy and spicy and just perfect!!  I can’t wait to go back there at some point.  It’s a funny little place- I’d looked up good restaurants in the area and this place came up on Google with awesome reviews, but it looks just like a street vendor nothing special kind of place- opens out on to the street, like hundreds of restaurants in Sydney- reminded me of the places near the backpackers we stayed at when we first arrived- you’d just walk straight past it if you didn’t know any better!

As you probably gathered, we went for some cocktails too Sunday night! 🙂  First off we went to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in the afternoon, and then we went to Shady Pines for a few cocktails which was loads of fun, and utterly delicious!  Culture and cocktails, AND amazing food?  Sounds like best day ever to me! 🙂



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