Fast Day 17: does extra special goodness make up for extra special badness?

Mon 15 July 2013

  • Break – 9.30am:  150g naval orange = 73c
  • Lunch – 2pm:  Campbells Country Ladle Soup- Chicken, Mushroom & wild rice soup = 136c

Dinner- lentil gumbo stew – total 289c:

  • 95g courgette = 15c
  • 3g red chilli = 1
  • 227g swede = 86c
  • can homebrand chopped tomatoes = 108c
  • teaS chicken stock = 6
  • can Woolworths Select butterbeans = 242
  • 100g red lentils = 296
  • 126g onion = 37
  • 242g butternut squash = 108c
  • 40g carrot = 12
  • 19g frozen sweetcorn = 14c
  • 84g frozen mix veg = 38c
  • 52g spring onion = 16c
  • 13g garlic = 19c
  • Hans Chorizo sausage – 145g = 484c
  • can Annalisa kidney beans = 240c
  • 69g spinach = 14c

1736 / 6 portions = 289c

  • PM Treat:  Diet coke = 2c

Fast Day 17 Total:  500c

After all the indulgence of the weekend, it was quite nice to have a Fast Day today, and I certainly didn’t feel hungry this morning.  Was out and about till about 1.30pm, and I will admit that there were some yummy smells coming from some of the Asian restaurants I passed, but I managed to keep on walking just fine.

I will probably regret this tomorrow, BUT, I have decided to do my second Fast Day tomorrow, or at least another Fast Day tomorrow- it will be my first back-to-back Fast Days.  Am not sure how it’ll go, but after all the eating over the weekend I thought I would feel better for it.  Plus after last weeks weightloss I daren’t step on the scales tomorrow, so 2 Fast days in a row is my version of wimping out.  I shall weigh myself after the second (Tuesdays) Fast Day, so Wed morning, and hopefully there will have been no ill-effects from the weekend (which did involve macarons – fancy ones from Laduree, icecream, a mini apple pie, cheese n crackers, wine, cocktails, TWO Thai meals, and mountains of peanuts at Shady Pines bar- gotta love free bar nuts!).  I will probably do 3 Fast Days in the end, my usual Thursday one too, unless there are ill effects from 2-in-a-row.  Then my extra special goodness will make up for my extra special badness! 🙂


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