Fast Day 18: The God of Fast Days tested me big time today!!!!

Tues 16 July 2013

Break- 6.10am – fruit n yog – total 75c

  • 57g strawberries = 18c
  • 50g 5AM natural yogurt = 39c
  • 5g oatbran = 18c

Lunch- soup – total 136c

  • Campbells Chicken, Mushroom & wild rice soup – other half of can = 136c

Dinner – total 289c

  • Gumbo leftovers = 289c

Fast Day 18 Total = 500c

OMG, the boss brought in Zumbarons (the macarons I was going on about last week!) and I’m on a Fast Day today- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

He got a big box, so I picked two (he said I could!) and have put them in the fridge for tomorrow.  I think the ones I have are popcorn flavour, and pecan Danish, but M wasn’t sure exactly which flavours were in the box, so I had to try and do a bit of research on the internet.  Annoyingly the Adriano Zumbo website doesn’t have pictures alongside their flavours list, so I just had to Google the flavours from the website I liked the sound of and hope someone had stuck a picture on their blog or article or something, so I think those are the flavours I have for  tomorrow…..

The God of Fast Days is testing me big time!!!!

Also, one of our engineers managed to break his arm at the weekend playing football/soccer, but that’s just a bit of non-food-related trivia for you.

10.04am:  uh oh, people keep asking if I’ve had my macarons yet!  Not sure how to get around this without admitting that I do Fast Days.  The two other admin girls know I do, but the bosses don’t, and I think I’d be laughed out of the office if I told them!!  Hmmm, not sure how long I can keep making excuses for why I’ve not eaten them yet…..

10.49pm:  Feel hungry, although think it’s mostly in my head rather than actually being hungry.  So I just distracted myself by booking some holiday- whoop whoop!  Friends visiting for Christmas, so booked my days off there, and two days for my bday in Jan so I have an extra long weekend- we’re planning on going to Melbourne! 🙂  Have an extra three days to play with between now and then, so I may take a long weekend off in Oct or something, for some chilled out “me-time” – work has been so stressful I’m not sure I’ll make it if I don’t have any holiday between now and Christmas!!

11.33am:  Dude, this is a long day.  Why’s it not lunchtime yet?  Can’t believe it’s only `11.30- boooo!

2.25pm:  Had lunch about 1pm.  It was the same soup I had yesterday- chicken mushroom n wild rice.  Was rather creamy blandness and I didn’t enjoy it cos it was boring.  Didn’t taste bad or anything like that, just boring.  Oh well, my gumbo dinner is good, I will just have to look forward to that!

4.05pm:  tum is gurgling now, me want food!  Water it is then….

7.51pm:  felt a bit sick on the bus home, it would have been nice to be able to have a piece of toast to settle myself when I got home.  But I didn’t, I behaved.

Don’t think I will do 2 days in a row again unless really desperate.  I haven’t been particularly hungrier than I usually am on a regular Fast Day, and even with the macarons I wasn’t actually tempted to eat them today.  I even popped to the supermarket after work and that was alright too (despite the feeling sick part).  BUT, 2 days in a row does make you rather feel deprived and like you’re starving, even if you’re not.  It is pretty do-able really, but it just isn’t much fun.



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