Weigh-In: Boo!

  • Start Weight:  9 stone 8lb
  • Goal Weight:  8 stone 6-9lb
  • Weight last week:  9 stone 3 lb
  • Weight this week:  9 stone 4 lb
  • Weight loss this week:  0 lb
  • Weight GAIN this week = 1 lb
  • Weight loss total = 4 lb

Bummer.  I thought 2 Fast Days in a row would save me from having put on any weight on this week.  I wasn’t hoping to lose any, I just wanted to stay the same.  It did waiver quite a bit between 9’3 and 9’4 before settling on 4, so maybe it’s just water weight or something, I dunno, but either way, my plan didn’t work.  Boo.


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