I think I am going to the circle of hell reserved for bad-dieters!

Break – 6.10am:  oatbran porridge with 2 blobs of Tiptree ‘Sweet Tip’ Raspberry Conserve

AM Snacks:  2 x Adriano Zumbo macarons- pecan danish flavour and popcorn flavour

Lunch:  leftover brie, 7 snapz crackers, 4 slices hot salami, 1 x carrot, big chunk of cucumber.  A chobani yogurt- lemon flavour.

PM Snack:  unexpected slice of icecream cake….

Dinner out at New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant: Xiao Long Bao dumplings, bok choi with garlic, chilli chicken stirfry.

  • Southern Comfort
  • Hot chocolate.

Tiptree jam is officially the best jam ever!  It’s the one we always buy at home (UK), and there’s only one place we know of nearby that sells it here in Sydney- at this veg/deli place at North Sydney station, and I happened to be in N Sydney on Monday so I popped in and bought 2 jars of the raspberry- mmm, it’s so yummy! 🙂

Dinner is at this amazing dumpling place.  Well, they do tonnes of stuff, but we (me n my mate) specifically love the dumplings so always get them when we go!  It’s my belated job celebrations, as she couldn’t make it out last week.  Prob not the best thing to do after putting on weight this week, but it’s already planned now, and as I’m doing another Fast Day tomorrow (3 in one week!) I don’t think it’ll be a big problem.

Had my first macaron, and it was popcorn flavour, tasted buttery salty deliciousness!  Will have my next one at 11am! 🙂

10.56am:  ok, had it a little earlier than 11.  It was the pecan Danish one and it was so nice!  Tasted quite cinnamonny so to me felt a bit more like a cinnabon or apple pie without the apple, but seriously tasty!

1.59pm:  eating my lunch took over half an hour I had so much carrot and cucumber sticks to eat!  Ate them first cos they were obviously the boring part, saved my tasty salami n cheese till the end! 🙂  Very full up now.  So that’s it till dinner now.  Which won’t be a problem cos I know I can do that easy peasy now if I choose to, and also, meeting my mate at 5.30pm after work so we’ll be having a very early dinner in the first place! 😛

3.17pm:  ok, I had a slice of icecream cake…. is broken arm mans bday…… would have been rude not to have a piece…..

8.57pm:  Had a lovely evening catching up with my friend, and the food was very tasty too!  The dumplings kind of mean ‘soup dumplings’, cos there’s some liquid broth-type stuff inside the dumplings along with the meat- they’re so tasty, I’d really recommend them if you see them on a menu.

Now for Fast Day number 3 tomorrow!


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