Fast Day 19: Fasting done for the week! :-)

Break – 6.10am – porridge – total 137c

  • 20g oatbran = 74c
  • 100ml skim (35) + 100ml water = 35c
  • 10g Roses blackberry conserve = 28c

Lunch –  soup & toast – total 145c

  • Green Goddess Soup = 45c
  • 1 x slice wholemeal toasted (no butter) = 100c

Dinner – salad = 206c

  • 60g spinach = 10c
  • 100g cherry tom = 19c
  • 100g carrot  = 32c
  • 50g iceberg lettuce = 5c
  • 120g cucumber = 18c
  • 15g spring onion = 4c
  • 28g jalapenos = 4c
  • teaS olive oil dressing = 40c
  • 30g South Cape marinated goats feta = 74c

 Diet coke = 2c

Fast Day Total = 490c

9am:  Breakfast- porridge?  No, it tasted more like gruel today it was so thin and watery!  Felt like Oliver.  Having it in a small bowl didn’t help matters because I couldn’t microwave it for as long as I’d have liked without it bubbling over, so note to self, if I ever do half and half at least put it in a big bowl so it can thicken a bit more!  Would have had my tiptree jam on it except I forgot to check the cals so I couldn’t factor it in when I did my food plan yesterday.

9.39am:  Before I started work this morning I made the mistake of looking at the Pinterest board called Food Porn again….. there’s some seriously yum stuff on there, just want to look at recipes now instead of work!  I also follow Lavender and Lovage food blog and they’d posted/emailed a new recipe- a fake pizza, using cauliflower blended up as the base.  I am super excited about trying this, want to try it out this weekend!  Will be really low cal and healthy, and if it works out I could even have “pizza” on a fast day, which is a sadly thrilling concept to me!   Also, yum, on Pinterest I saw these zucchini goats cheese swirly appetiser things that looked delicious, and might not be too bad for a Fast Day dinner or something.  Depends how many thousands of calories are in the goats cheese I suppose, but the rest is zucchini and red pepper, so can’t be too high in cals I wouldn’t have thought.  Might try and make some at the weekend too.  Could be a busy cooking weekend, but that’s ok, don’t have much else planned to be honest!

12.17am:  bored/hungry now.  But it’s far too early to have lunch yet.  I am sadly looking forward to the slice of dry wholemeal toast that is going with my soup….  I had to guesstimate the cals of the bread, cos it was one of those fresh loaves (although presliced, so it’s not home-cut doorstop slices, is regular sized) from the supermarket and doesn’t have the nutritional values on it.  So I looked on my cal list for a similar bread product, and they all seem to be about 80-100c per slice, so I erred on the side of caution and picked the max.  Yes, I have a word document calorie list.  It’s a remnant from my weightwatchers days, so it has cals/sat fat/points- no sooner have you updated and printed it than it’s out of date though, as am always having to add new foodstuffs or a new weight amount, but even so, it is really is very helpful!  I also like for when I have a product that’s not on my list, like fruit or veg or whatever.  I know that sounds weird that they were not already on the list, but with WW almost all veg is 0 points so I never had to know the calories!

3.44pm:  Have had my lunch, including my slice of dry toast, but ah man, this afternoon feels really really hard, all I can think about is food and how nice it would be to stuff my face with it.  And I do not want to go running at all!!  I really should, I won’t have done any exercise all week except walking if I don’t go.  Finding this Fast Day really quite hard, I definitely won’t be attempting 3 Fast Days in one week again, it’s really not much fun and makes you obsess.  Like, it is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.47pm:  I skipped running in the end.  It wasn’t my tum aching for food, nor my legs being achey or anything like that- I just felt so lethargic and tired this afternoon I couldn’t make myself go.  So I came home instead and immediately made and ate my salad so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat anything I’m not supposed to.  Will be nice not to have to think about Fasting till next week now!


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