From lazy lady to domestic goddess (minus the neck-choking scandal)!

Mon 22 July 2013

Break– oatbran porridge with 2 blobs of Tiptree raspberry jam

Post riding snack:  original coconut water.  1/2 slice wholegrain bread with peanut butter.

Lunch – homemade guacamole on 1 x lunch slice, some brie & camambert with crackers & chutney.


  • 2 x fajitas with light sour cream and home made guacamole.
  • Dukan cheesecake– no base, just low fat cream cheese blended up with low/no sugar jelly:  make up jelly with 3/4 of the water.  Once slightly cooled, mix up with cream cheese and let it set in the fridge.  Really yum, my fave is the lime flavour, but sadly I had no lime jelly.  Makes 4 portions: 1 portion = 129c which I don’t think is too bad for “cheesecake.”

After my riding lesson I usually feel really zonked.  The lesson’s themselves are 1 hour long, but from home to lesson and back again- I leave the house at 9.10am and get back home at about 1.45ish, which includes trains and buses and a sizeable chunk of walking, so by the time I get home I’m pretty wiped.  Bit lame I know, but often I spend the afternoon lazing on the sofa.  And that was how today seemed like it was going to go too.  Got home, had lunch, lounged on aforementioned sofa with hot water bottle n throws over my legs like an old granny and closed my eyes.

And then something weird happened.  I got up and did a TONNE of food making, it was like all this energy and determination came from nowhere!!  Maybe as I was snoozing I was feeling bad about all the crap I ate over the weekend and felt bad for eating so much tinned/packaged soup on my fast days.  I used to almost always cook something, or at least make something fresh like chilli avo on ryvita, but I feel like I’ve been relying too much on non-fresh food items recently for my lunches and I thought I should remedy that!

So I made one of my super amazing wraps using half a sundried tomato wrap (we have a some left from the fajitas that need using and I LOVE wraps), a load of veg, some camembert and ham- all for only 236c.  Rock on man, I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow ON A FAST DAY!  I just put anything and everything in wraps and they always taste so good, and different every time!

Handy tip so you can fill even more in them- lay them flat on cling film/cellophane, fill them up in a line down the middle, right up to the edge and roll your wrap up tight- no need to tuck the ends up- anything that falls out just squash back in the end.  Then as tight as you can, wrap it up in the cellophane.  When you’re ready to eat it, simply cut the wrap in half, and you have an awesome wrap whose filling won’t fall about everywhere cos you just roll down the cling film as you eat.  Plus, you don’t get those annoying end bits where it’s all wrap and no filling! 🙂  Ahhhh, you know you can’t wait to try it!

And I had a can of artichokes in the cupboard I bought ages ago to roast and never got round to it, so I decided to do those for my dinner tomorrow.  Was supposed to just be the artichokes and garlic, but as we’re busy this week, as well as having tonnes of fajita leftovers, we had veg in the fridge that needed using or it’d end up binned (which I hate!!) so I used them up- cherry toms, half an onion, half a zucchini, and I had practically a whole head of cauliflower so I used the stalks to roast.  They go nice and chewy!

AND with the rest of the cauliflower, the usual white bit, plus the leaves, I made a cauliflower and lentil soup!  Now the only thing left in the veg section is lettuce (which shall be used in future wraps), carrot (snap) and cucumber (snap x 2), so to sound really chavvy I am ‘well pleased’ with myself! 😛


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