Fast Day 20: hungry!!

Break – 6.10am – total 168c

  • 150g strawberries = 48c
  • 84g 5AM natural yogurt = 65c
  • 15g oat bran = 55c

Lunch – ham, cheese n veggie wrap- total 236c

  • ½ Mission sundried tomato and basil wrap = 100c
  • 20g South Cape camembert = 60c
  • 70g cucumber = 10c
  • 30g grated carrot = 9c
  • 20g Always Fresh caramelized onion chutney = 36c
  • 22g Don Double Smoked ham – 2 slices = 21c

Dinner – roasted veg – total 73c

  • 240g can Always Fresh artichoke hearts = 84c
  • 10g coconut oil = 88c
  • 4 cloves garlic – 21g = 31c
  • 139g cherry tomatoes = 26c
  • 84g zuchinni = 12c
  • 61g red onion = 18c
  • 236g cauliflower stalks= NO IDEA- can’t find data for them- using celery data = 35c

Total 294c / 4 portions = 73c

Fast Day 20 total:  477c


I remember why I usually have soup now- cos it means I get to eat more food as it’s generally v low cal!  The wrap, whilst yum, was perhaps a bit of a mistake on a day when all I want to do is stuff my face ie- a just before my TOTM- as it meant that my dinner this evening was super puny when I needed it to be a large portion size.  If only I’d had enough cals to divide the veg up into 3 portions rather than 4.  😦  Think today wouldn’t have been a problem regularly, but just that today’s choice of food was perhaps poorly timed.

Just prepared my regular sized wrap for tomorrow and I can’t wait to demolish it!!!

Tomorrow I have to weigh myself.  I am DREADING it cos I know I must have put on weight, I am feeling seriously podgy!



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