Fast Day 21: another successful fast day done and dusted.

Thurs 25 July 2013

Break- 6.10am- porridge – total 144c

  • 20g oatbran = 74c
  • 200ml skim milk = 70c

Lunch- 12.55pm – soup – total 143c

  • Campbells Country Ladle Soup- chicken and sweetcorn = 143c

Dinner – salad – total 213c

  • 60g Spinach = 10c
  • 110g Grated carrot = 35c
  • ¼ portion roast veg = 73c
  • 30g South Cape marinated goats feta = 74c
  • 93g Cucumber = 13c
  • 80g iceberg lettuce = 8c

Fast Day 21 Total:  500c

The morning was fine, but by the afternoon I was feeling like a hot chocolate would have been good, definite munchies for a treat!  Thought I’d have to have dinner immediately when I got in from work, but actually distracted myself with tidying up a bit in the lounge and the spare room.

I’m doing a bit of a photoframe project at the minute, and the spare room’s been taken over by paints and frames- could barely move in there without risk of stepping on something- so I had a bit of a tidy up, and painted 3 more with a first coat, as well as tidying up some of the boyfriends junk into neater piles ready for him to sort out.

The upshot being that the apartment now looks much nicer, I didn’t stuff my face with toast, and I ate dinner at a reasonable time.  All in all, a very productive evening am pleased to say, and another successful fast day done and dusted.



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