Not my best food day ever

Wed 24 July 2013

Breakfast:  oatbran & chia porridge + 2 blobs tiptree jam, 1 slice toast with butter.

AM snack:  4 x dates and 2 x brazil nuts

Lunch:  Monster wrap, with a filling of: homemade guacamole, homemade sundried tomato pesto dip sauce, ¼ portion of my roast veg, grated carrot, some feta, some brie, lettuce.

PM Snack:  hot choc with full cream milk (eek- ran out of low fat!)

Pre yoga snack:  toast & jam

Post yoga snack: 1 x sesame snap, a few strawberries, coconut water.

Dinner:  leftover fajita with basmati rice, 1/2 slice of bread, dollop of guac & lite sour cream.

Ok that looks like a lot of food!  Sadly it didn’t feel like nearly enough, was def one of those “WANT TO STUFF MY FACE!!!!!!!!!” kind of days!!  So I suppose it’s not too bad all things considered, plus I did do some yoga, so that’s got to count for something.   Did feel very hungry today though 😦


2 responses to “Not my best food day ever

  1. T’is good you’re keeping a journal, it will pay off…and here are some ideas – use what sounds right to you:

    Go raw, increase volume with triple washed organic spinach, kale, carrots, and try some cashew nut pastes, plus almonds.

    Get into soups where you toss fresh, if possible organic, produce in with fresh herbs.

    For some oil in your diet, yet good stuff, try low sodium boneless, skinless sardines. Don’t if you can’t get low sodium.

    And also try hummus with sprouted grain breads — check out Ezekiel brand in the freezers at the main supermarkets — it’s organic or natural, and very seedy, sprouty, and powerful. For extra comfort, but leaner cheese, go swiss on the hummus sandwhiches.

    • I’m thinking I may have to start getting specific with my weekend eating and writing absolutely everything down for weekends too, as weekends are when things get a bit out of control. Although that sounds rather tiresome, so I haven’t made up my mind fully yet about that!

      Thanks for the food tips, they sound great! The salad/volume thing is something I’ve been working on with my Fast Days, trying to maximise food for less calories- homemade veggie soups being a firm favourite, and have even been enjoying some salads recently despite it being winter here!

      I don’t think we have that bread in Australia… but bread is definitely something I need to work on being better with, so I might try and see if I can find something similar!

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