Dinner with some lovely RDA ladies!

Friday 26th July 2013

Breakie:  oatbran and oats porridge + 2 blobs of blackberry jam

AM snack:  1 x naval orange.  1 macadamia and a few pepitas.

Lunch: ½ avo with chilli flakes on 2 ryvitas, a few Snapz crackers, roasted veg ¼ portion, and ¼ portion Dukan raspberry cheesecake.

PM snack: 3 squares dark orange chocolate

Dinner:  Chinese banquet at Sky Phoenix restaurant in the city, all dinner shared, so I had a bit of the following: peking duck roll, Mongolian lamb, BBQ pork & BBQ duck, chinese broccoli, rice.  2 x glasses white wine.


Ok, since I was going out for dinner I really should have cut all snacks and had low cal soup for lunch, but hey ho, I didn’t fancy barely eating again today so I brought food.

And this will sound weird, but I brought the dark chocolate because surely it’s a better choice than the Swiss Miss hot chocolate I’d surely have if I hadn’t brought any chocolate in.  First ingredient in that hot choc is sugar, second is like glucose syrup or something like that- cocoa comes a hellavalong way down the list, so actual dark chocolate MUST be better for you than that- I realise it’s the lesser of 2 evils I suppose, but sometimes you just gotta have chocolate.

The cheesecake needed eating, as did the roast veg.  I wouldn’t have had them today as they’re both a bit superfluous to requirements, but I hate chucking food away and they prob would not be edible for much longer so it had to be today.

Dinner was delicious, and had a wonderful time catching up with some friends from RDA- think we all spent more time talking than eating! 🙂


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