Fast Day 22: ditzy day!

Tues 30 July 2013


Break – 6.15am- porridge- total 144c

  • 20g oatbran = 74c
  • 200ml skim = 70c

Lunch-  soup, veg n dip & strawberries = 192c

  • Swedey mussaman soup = 91c
  • 107g carrot = 34c
  • 100g celery = 15c
  • Dip: 100g 2%fat Chobani greek yog = 68c

–          100g cucumber = 15c

–          8g chives = 2c

–          teaS olive oil = 40c

–          3g garlic clove = 4

Total 129 / 4 port = 32c

  • 62g strawberries = 20c

Dinner – curry soup – total  151c

  • Cauliflower & lentil curry soup = 82c
  • hard boiled egg = 69c

Fast Day 22 total: 487c


I’m drawing a veil under the weekend (including Mon cos I have them off and I include that in my weekend)- too much eating, yesterday I just couldn’t stop, it was a disaster!  So am drawing a line under it and moving on.  I’m not going to document what I ate, suffice to say it involved keep returning to the kitchen cupboard for spoonfuls of salted caramel straight from the tub (made it the other week), and then feeling emotional and demolishing some icecream cake in the kitchen standing by the fridge whilst hoping that the boyfriend wouldn’t come in and catch me in my secret eating…

Yeah, so, moving on.  Weigh in tomorrow will not be good, which I’m getting fed up with myself about.  All the hard work I put in with my fast days just gets ruined cos I binge at the weekends!  And I am sure I say this every week but I want to start eating better in my Feast Days, eat less, eat healthier, more restrained when it comes to treats.  So starting today on my first Fast Day of the week, I aim for this week and coming weekend to be better.  Disclaimer- it’s the boyfriends birthday and we’re doing a coastal walk one of the weekend days, so one of the days will include fish n chips n probably a seaside icecream as his celebration meal, but that will be only one day of the weekend, so I am aiming to be behave the rest of the time!  Nothing radical or anything, but like, 1 glass of wine instead of multiple, one slice of toast instead of multiple, a few squares of dark choc instead of scoffing mint M&Ms by the handful- you get the idea.


10.42am:  I made a mistake with the dip when I made it last night- I should have just chopped all the chives n cucumber up and mixed it in… instead I used the blender and it ended up whisking the yogurt up so it was really runny….. put it in the freezer this morning to try and set it a bit more…. Oophs, only just remembered it and now it’s completely frozen.  Messed that one up a bit didn’t I!

 2.05pm:  Well, I ended up eating half the dip, it was defrosted a bit, was a bit crunchy and cold, but alright.  Plus side, as I only ate what was effectively a ¼ of the dip this means I could potentially eat a bit more this evening if I want.

6.03pm: realised I left half my strawberries at the office- was supposed to have had 125g but at lunch I decided to save the rest for dinnertime dessert, and then promptly forgot to bring them home with me.  Was a bit of a ditzy day really!  So I’ve had even more calories to play with when I got in.  I am hard boiling an egg as we speak, yum!

What’s really annoying/weird is that I find Fast Days really quite easy, and yet on normal non-Fast days I can struggle not to eat everything in sight ie- like yesterday.  I seem to be a bit all or nothing, which is frustrating.  Maybe once I’ve been doing this long enough I’ll start to eat less on regular days without thinking about it, but at the minute I need to actively focus on eating less on Feast Days, which is what I am going to try and do this coming week.  That’s not to say I won’t have to odd treat, cos I know I will, but just try to be a bit more considered, and really ask myself “am I actually hungry?  Do I really need this?  Will you feel guilty afterwards?”

Tomorrow will be my first test- the boss is popping to Costco and has very nicely said she’ll bring us all back pizza’s, wraps and cookies for lunch.  My aim is to just have 1 wrap/2 halves of a wrap (ie so I can try 2 different fillings).  No pizza, no cookies.  Seriously do not need cookies after all the salted caramel I ate yesterday.  I plan to take a yogurt as well, so that I have something sweet for afterwards, to stop me caving in to a cookie.  Wish me luck!
















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