Pat on the back to me today, I didn’t do too badly.

Wed 31st July 2013

Break – 6.15am:  20g oat bran, 13g tableS chia, 1 x pink lady apple, grated.  Pinch of cinnamon

Lunch- 12.50pm: 1 x small ham & swiss cheese wrap, 1 x small slice BBQ chicken pizza.  3 strawberries.  1 x Chobani 0% fat apple & cinnamon yogurt

Pre yoga:  slice gluten/wheat free pumpkin bread toats with peanut butter

Post yoga:  coconut water.  5 x dried dates, 1 dried apricot.

Dinner- 10.30pm:  small portion leftover polenta lamb stew, 1.5 homemade beef burgers (all meat n onion/chilli, no breadcrumb fillers)

Plans changed slightly at lunchtime when I saw the wraps.  There was only one filling choice, and they were more like ¼ slices than ½ slices, so I had one of those, and one of the smaller slices of pizza I could find.  Now, be proud of me, I didn’t eat any of the other pizza (there were like, 5 different one!), nor the chicken wings, nor the home made prawn crackers, nor the cookies (which I LOVE).  So although I said I wasn’t going to have pizza, I think I actually did quite well today.  And I ate it slowly and it felt filling- despite my eyes wanted to eat more my stomach was satisfied.  The yog was for something sweet after, to stop me caving in to a cookie.  Oh, and guess what, one of my bosses noticed I wasn’t eating v much and when I said I was trying to behave she said “but you look like you’ve lost loads of weight recently!”  Well, I haven’t lost v much, but it’s nice to know I look a bit slimmer to peeps, that perked me right up! 😀

10.15pm just prepared some salad for tomorrow, and it’s massive looking, can’t wait to eat it, will be all fresh and delicious!  Wow, I must have changed a bit, cos usually salads do nothing for me.  Love veg, but generally find salads a bit rubbish, but I’ve started to really enjoy them!  Haha, might be that I know cos I can eat a lot volume wise without consuming many calories, that is pretty cool.

Dinner is heating up in the oven (microwave is sparking…. decided it’s prob not a good idea to use it….) and burgers shallow frying with a dash of avocado oil- looking forward to dinner a lot!


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