Fast Day 23: running felt hard today, but I did it! :-D

1 August 2013 – Pinch punch!


Break- 6.20am- porridge – total 144c

  • 20g oatbran = 74c
  • 200ml skim = 70c

Lunch – soup and salad – total 264c

  • Green Goddess soup = 45c
  • Salad  (219c)

–      100g celery = 15c

–          100g cucumber = 15c

–          100g cherry tomatoes = 19c

–          100g carrot, grated = 32c

–          80g red pepper = 24c

–          30g South Cape marinated goats feta = 74c

–          teaS olive oil dressing = 40c

Dinner – soup – total 82c

  • Lentil and cauliflower Curry Soup

–          453g cauliflower including leaves = 113c

–          2 chillis – 8g = 3c

–          32g spring onion = 10c

–          50g red lentils = 148c

–          teaS chicken stock powder = 6c

–          1 x 6g garlic clove = 8c

–          14g Patak Madras paste = 40c

–          teaS each of cumin and turmeric = 0

328 / 4 portions = 82c

Fast Day 23 Total 490c

10.30am:  Realised I’d made and eaten this curry soup the other day but for some reason I’d not put the details on here, so I made sure to put them in today- see above.  It’s pretty spicy, perhaps two chilli’s was one too many! 😛  Just bung in a pot and simmer till veg soft & lentils cooked, and then blend away.  Simples.  I love these soups though, make them at the weekend when you have a little time, and I mean a little, cos they really don’t take very long to make, and then just portion it up and stick ‘em in the freezer.  Super healthy soups ready to go, no fuss no muss- love it.  Makes life so much easier knowing I have a few in the freezer for if I get stuck, or am feeling lazy.  In this case, we need to defrost the freezer shortly, so we’re trying to use stuff up in there, hence two lots of soup today, and lots of other freezer soup this last week.

2.22pm: had lunch a little while ago now.  Salad was quite large so I saved some to go with my dinner soup.  Was nice, could have done with some jalapenos to perk it up a bit I think.  Dinner soup is quite spicy so I probably won’t need to do that this evening though!  So that’s it till after running now.  Usual 5K with the social running club, should be good

9.30pm:  Well, the run actually felt quite hard today, but I think part of that was because a) I’ve not been for the last two Thursdays due to stomach/back aches, b) we ran faster today, did it in 31 minutes – go us! And c) salad at lunch time also made me feel a bit stitchy, maybe too much fibre before a run- will have to rethink next Thursdays fast day, def no salad for lunch next time.  But yeah, I got round it, no stopping even though I found it a bit tough.  One of the other guys thinks I do secret running cos he can’t believe I can do no running and then be able to keep up with them on Thurs, so that’s quite a nice compliment!  Although to be fair, he is quite old, so I should be able to keep up with him, pretty embarrassing if I couldn’t, but I’m going to choose to just accept the compliment!  🙂


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