Naughty but nice!

Fri 2 Aug 2013

Breakie – 6.15am

  • 1 x wholegrainy toast with butter
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • short glass milk, roughly 1 “cup”

AM snack – 10.30am

  • 1 x naval orange

Lunch – 1.15pm

  • Woolworths Homestyle Asian Chicken and corn soup- 300g pot
  • Chobani apple & cinnamon 0% fat yogurt
  • 1 x carrot & a chunk of cucumber.

PM snack

  • 3 x square Green & Blacks Butterscotch

Cocktail o’clock- 6pm

  • 1 measured shot of Southern Comfort + diet coke (haha, rather than just pouring away!)
  • 1 x toast with butter


  •  1 x glass rose
  • Coconut chicken quinoa stew


Guess what, the boss (the male one, not the female one I mentioned on Wednesday) brought in some G&B butterscotch and came over this morning and gave me like 3 rows cos he knows I love it!  V nice of him, but he’s so bad, I’m gonna get fat!  I had brought in 3 squares of dark chocolate orange as my afternoon treat, but pah to rubbishy old dark choc orange squares, you’ve been replaced, Green & Blacks Butterscotch is my favourite!!  😛  Will just eat one row though (3 squares) and behave myself a little.  3 rows would be too much, 1 row however sounds much more moderate to me, and I am trying to be more moderate.

Breakie was nice!  As the microwave is a bit busted, porridge has been a bit of a pain this week so I boiled some eggs last night to have instead.  Apparently eggs are brilliant to have for breakfast as they’re filling, but I’m not sure, 2 little eggs doesn’t seem like much to eat.  Although my stomach hasn’t been complaining for food, so eggs must be good!

Day roundup

For a Friday I am quite pleased with today’s eating.  There were a few treats, the little bit of chocolate, the wine and SoCo.

I wasn’t going to have the pre-dinner slice of toast, but it’s been a busy week this week and I needed to summon the energy to cook a healthy dinner on a Friday night when all I wanted to do was slob on the sofa and watch Merlin.  The boyf would usually rustle something up on a Friday but he’s been writing up a paper this week so I still had to cook the dinner, as the deadline’s this weekend.  I needed the toast to see me through the tedium!

Dinner did taste really yummy though btw (recipe from a few weeks ago), so post-cooking I was v pleased I’d put the effort in! 🙂


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